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    Canadian Military History Article Index Below is a list of our archived articles. Use the search function on the right to narrow the search.  Or you can sort by any of the headings in numeric or alphabetic order. Complete issues are available up to Vol. 11 (2002). Selected articles from issues from Vols. 12 – […]

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  • Summer 2012 – Volume 21, No 3

    Featured Article “When suitable arrangements could be made”: The Geneva Convention, Medical Treatment, and the Repatriation of German POWs in Ontario, 1940-46 Kirk W. Goodlet Abstract: This article investigates some of the problems in using the Geneva Convention as a way to evaluate internment operations in Ontario during the Second World War. It focuses on […]

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  • LCMSDS Housing Canada’s Veterans by Kellen Kurschinski

    Across the street from the main entrance of Wilfrid Laurier University there is a small parkette with a modern, albeit modest memorial to Canadian veterans. The parkette also includes several information panels outlining the history of the surrounding neighbourhood that is now known locally as Veterans’ Green. The surrounding townhomes and 1½ storey bungalows that […]

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