• Autumn 2012 – Volume 21, No 4

    Featured Article Dieppe: The Making of a Myth Béatrice Richard Abstract: As historian Paul Veyne wondered whether the ancient Greeks believed in their myths, one may wonder to what extent Canadians were the dupes of propaganda during the Second World War, particularly with regards to the Dieppe Raid of 19 August 1942. This article attempts […]

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  • Summer 2012 – Volume 21, No 3

    Featured Article “When suitable arrangements could be made”: The Geneva Convention, Medical Treatment, and the Repatriation of German POWs in Ontario, 1940-46 Kirk W. Goodlet Abstract: This article investigates some of the problems in using the Geneva Convention as a way to evaluate internment operations in Ontario during the Second World War. It focuses on […]

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  • Spring 2012 – Volume 21, No 2

    Featured Article Investigating the Memory of Operation Spring: The Inquiry into the Black Watch and the Battle of St. André-sur-Orne, 1944-46 Alexander Fitzgerald-Black Abstract: The scholarly literature for the Black Watch role in Operation Spring is largely based on survivor testimony compiled by C.P. Stacey’s Army Historical Section during and after the war. Stacey and […]

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  • Winter 2012 – Volume 21, No. 1

    To purchase this issue or back issues of Canadian Military History from 2002 onwards, visit the Wilfrid Laurier University Press website at www.wlu.ca/press or click here. To order back issues published before 2002, contact Caitlin McWilliams at [email protected]adianmilitaryhistory.ca   Featured Article (From the Canadian War Museum Section) Cause and Affect: War Art and Emotion (In Colour and looks […]

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  • A Book Note on Serge Durflinger’s ‘Veterans with a Vision: Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War’ by Alex Souchen

    Serge M. Durflinger, Veterans with a Vision: Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2010). 428 pages. Reviewed by Alex Souchen (University of Western Ontario) Popular and scholarly interest in Canada’s Second World War experience often focuses on those servicemen and servicewomen who lost their lives from 1939 to […]

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  • Autumn 2010 – Volume 19, No. 4

    Featured Article: “But he has nothing on at all!”: Canada and the Iraq War, 2003 Timothy A. Sayle Abstract: In March 2003, Canada abstained from participating in the invasion of Iraq. Despite international pressure from Canada’s close allies, the United States and Great Britain, and against the urging of some domestic lobby groups and the […]

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  • Spring 2010 – Volume 19, No.2

    Featured Article:  Lost in Normandy: The Odyssey of Worthington Force, 9 August 1944 Mike Bechthold Abstract: The standard account of Worthington Force is well known – on 9 August 1944 during Operation Totalize a battlegroup formed by the tanks of the British Columbia Regiment and the infantry of the Algonquin Regiment was ordered to capture […]

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