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Pierce, John Constructing Memory The Vimy Memorial p. 5-811,21992First World War
Pierce, John The Vimy Pilgrimagep. 9-1411,21992First World WarMemory, Monument
Boire, MichaelThe Underground War: Military Mining Operations in Support of the Attack on Vimy Ridge, 9 April 1917 p. 15-2411,21992First World War
Graves, Donald E.William Drummond and the Battle of Fort Erie p. 25-4311, 21992
Copp, TerryFifth Brigade at Verrieres Ridgep. 45-6311 ,21992
Simonds, GuyOperation Springp. 65-6811, 21992Second World War
Copp, TerryReturn to Dieppe: September 1944p. 71-7811 ,21992Second World War
Morton, DesmondA Canadian Soldier in the Great War: the Experiences of Frank Maheuxp. 79-8911, 21992First World War
Vogel, RobertSome Reflections on the Teaching of Military History in Canadap. 101-10411, 21992
Whitby, MichaelMasters of the Channel Night: the 10th Destroyer Flotilla's Victory Off Ile De Batz, 9 June 1944p. 5-19211993
Beauregard, Claude; Timms, GrahamL'intervention Militaire a Oka: Strategie, Communication Et Couverture p. 23-47211993
MacLeod, D. PeterTreason at Quebec: British Espionage in Canada during the Winter of 1759-1760p. 49-62211993
Granatstein, J. L.The American Influence on the Canadian Military, 1939-1963 p. 63-73211993
Jarymowycz, Roman JohannDer Gegenangriff Vor Verrieres: German Counterattacks during Operation "Spring," 25-26 July 1944p. 74-89211993
Rockingham, J. M.The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry at Verrieresp. 90-92211993First World War
Madsen, ChrisVictims of Circumstance: the Execution of German Deserters by Surrendered German Troops Under Canadian Control in Amsterdam, May 1945p. 93-113211993
Cox, AndrewFive Years as a Prisoner of Warp. 115-122211993
Oliver, DeanThe RCN at Warp. 138-140211993
Brown, Shaun R. G."The Rock of Accomplishment": the Loyal Edmonton Regiment at Ortonap. 10-23221993
Thomson, S. W.Christmas in Ortona, Italy 1943p. 24-27221993
Brandon, Laura The Second World War Paintings of Lawren P. Harris (1910-)p. 28-32221993Second World WarArt
Perkins, Edward J.Crossing the Melfa Riverp. 35-42221993
McAndrew, WilliamFifth Canadian Armoured Division: Introduction to Battlep. 43-55221993
Granatstein, J. LHoffmeister in Italyp. 57-64221993Second World War
Pope, HarrySouvenirs De Guerre: Memories of Warp. 65-74221993Memory
Maloney, Sean M.The Mobile Striking Force and Continental Defence 1948-1955p. 75-88221993Cold War
Chappelle, DeanThe Canadian Attack at Amiens, 8-11 August 1918p. 89-101221993First World War
Carlson, Roland"Courage Englander."p. 103-105221993
Nicholson, G. W. L.; Price, John H.The Controversy Over Maltby's Hong Kong Dispatchp. 111-116221993
Pulsifer, Cameron Collections of the CWM: an Historical Resourcep. 117-120221993
Christie, Carl A.News from the Director General History: Searching for Information about Individualsp. 121-124221993
Haller, OliverThe Defeat of the 12th SS: 7-10 June p. 8-25311994Second World WarGermans
Brandon, LauraNormandy Summer, 1944: D-Day and After in Canadian Artp. 26-36311994Second World War
Vogel, RobertTactical Air Power in Normandy: some Thoughts on the Interdiction Planp. 37-47311994Second World War
Bechthold, MikeOn the Ground: Canadian Airfields in Normandyp. 48-53311994Second World War
Medland, StanConfrontation in Normandy: the 3rd Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment on D-Dayp. 54-60311994Second World War
Whitby, Michael"There must be no Holes in our Sweeping": the 31st Canadian Minesweeping Flotilla on D-Dayp. 61-66311994Second World WarNavy
Mackie, MaryA Canadian on Horseback: 9 July 1944 Memorialized in Bronzep. 67-70311994Second World War
Copp, TerryOperational Research and 21 Army Groupp. 71-84311994Second World War
Dickson, PaulCrerar and the Decision to Garrison Hong Kongp. 97-110311994Second World War
Vance, Jonathan F.Their Duty Twice Over: Canadians in the Great Escapep. 111-116311994Second World WarPOW
MacKenzie, Andy; Handman, StanleyEncounter Over Koreap. 117-122311994Korean War
Halliday, Hugh A.Posters and the Canadian War Museump. 125-129311994
Rawling, BillCommunications in the Canadian Corps, 1915-1918: Wartime Technological Progress Revisitedp. 6-21321994First World War
Peloquin, LaurieA Conspiracy of Silence? the Popular Press and the Strategic Bombing Campaign in Europep. 22-30321994
McLean, DougThe Loss of HMCS Clayoquotp. 31-44321994
Copp, TerryCounter-Mortar Operational Research in 21 Army Groupp. 45-52321994
Bechthold, MikeAir Support in the Breskens Pocket: the Case of First Canadian Army and 84 Group Royal Air Forcep. 53-62321994
Granatstein, J. L.; Suedfeld, PeterTommy Burns as a Military Leader: a Case Study using Integrative Complexityp. 63-67321994
Whitaker, ShelaghEugene Colson and the Liberation of the Port of Antwerpp. 71-74321994
Rowley, RogerThe Attack on Boulognep. 76-83321994
Anderson, J. E.Account of Operations in the Boulogne p. 84-88321994
Matthews, W. H. V.Assault on Calais: 25 September-1 October 1944p. 89-95321994
Brandon, LauraCharles Comfort: War Artist - 1900-1994p. 95-96321994
Tucker, M. L."They were just Shadows and Whispers in the Night."p. 97-100321994
de Merlis, GuyThe Walcheren Causeway Revisitedp. 101-104321994
Bercuson, David; Wise, SydThe Valour and the Horror Controversy and the Official History of the RCAF,Volume 3p. 107-110321994
Hayes, Geoffrey "Where are our Liberators?": the Canadian Liberation of West Brabant, 1944 p. 6-19411995
Dykman, HenkThe Liberation of Leestenp. 20-35411995
Maloney, Sean M."Missed Opportunity": Operation Broadsword, 4 Brigade and the Gulf War,1990-1991p. 36-46411995
Shelley, C. R.HMCS Prince Robert: the Career of an Armed Merchant Cruiserp. 47-60411995
Henry, Hugh G.The Calgary Tanks at Dieppep. 61-74411995
Donaghy, GregThe Rise and Fall of Canadian Military Assistance in the Developing World, 1952-1971p. 75-84411995Cold War
Brown, GordonThe Capture of the Abbaye D'ardenne by the Regina Rifles, 8 July 1944p. 91-99411995Second World War
Brandon, LauraGenesis of a Painting: Alex Colville's War Drawingsp. 100-104411995Art
Mackie, MaryCharles Comfort: Soldiering Artist Charles Comfort: Soldiering Artist p. 106-112411995Second World WarArt
Dube, TimothyTommy Atkins, we Never Knew Ye: Documenting the British Soldier in Canada, 1759-1871: Military Organization and the Archival Recordp. 113-120411995
Brown, A. SutherlandIndian Days and Burmese Nights: Flying Beaufighters in Southeast Asia with 177 RAF Squadronp. 9-22421995
Rawling, BillPaved with Good Intentions: HMCS Uganda, the Pacific War, and the p. 23-33421995
Halliday, Hugh A.Dieppe: the Awardsp. 34-42421995
Grodzinski, John R."Kangaroos at War": the History of the 1st Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regimentp. 43-50421995Second World War
Windsor, Lee A."Boforce": 1st Canadian Infantry Division Operations in Support of the Salerno Bridgehead, Italy, 1943p. 51-60421995Second World War
Skaarup, Hal A.Whiz Bangs and Whoolly Bears: Walter Estabrooks and the Great War, Compiled from His Diary and Lettersp. 61-68421995First World War
Lindsey, GeorgeSome Personal Recollections of Army Operations Research on Radar in World War IIp. 69-74421995
McVicar, Hugh"Backdoor to War": a Canadian Infantryman at Hochwald and Xanten, p. 75-81421995
Cameron, J. RobertTwo Days of My Six Year War: 9-10 July p. 82-84421995
Sheffield, R. Scott"Of Pure European Descent and of the White Race": Recruitment Policy and Aboriginal Canadians, 1939-1945p. 8-15511996Second World War
Dixon, Peter A."I Will Never Forget the Sound of those Engines Going Away": a Re-Examination into the Sinking of HMCS Athabaskan, 29April 1944p. 16-34511996
Gough, PaulCanada, Conflict and Commemoration: an Appraisal of the New Canadian War Memorial in Green Park, London, and a Reflection on the Official Patronage ofCanadian War Artp. 26-34511996
Scott, John"Three Cheers for Earl Haig": Canadian Veterans and the Visit of Field MarshalSir Douglas Haig to Canada in the Summer of 1925p. 35-40511996
Butlin, SusanWomen Making Shells: Marking Women's Presence in Munitions Work 1914-1918. the Art of Frances Loring, Florence Wyle, Mabel May, and Dorothy Stevensp. 41-48511996First World War
Pulsifer, CameronThe Battle of Rockhead, March 1871: Training for War in Mid-Victorian p. 49-60511996
Bell, Steven A.The 107th "Timber Wolf" Battalion at Hill 70p. 73-78511996First World War
Fowler, RobertLeo Major, DCM and Barp. 79-84511996
Blackburn, George G.The Guns of Normandy: a Soldier's Eye View of Francep. 91-99511996
Drolet, GilLoyola, the Wars: in Remembrance of "Men for Others."p. 100-103511996
Lenarcic, David APeacekeeping, 1965: the Canadian Military's Viewpointp. 105-109511996Cold War
Travers, TimCurrie and 1st Canadian Division at Second Ypres, April 1915: Controversy, Criticism and Official Historyp. 7-15521996First World War
Vance, Jonathan F.Sacrifice in Stained Glass: Memorial Windows of the Great Warp. 16-23521996First World War
Cook, TimThe Blind Leading the Blind: the Battle of the St. Eloi Cratersp. 24-36521996First World War
Dietrich, BevColonel John Mccrae: from Guelph, Ontario, to Flanders Fieldsp. 37-43521996First World War
Sorobey, RonFilip Konowal, VC: the Rebirth of a Canadian Herop. 44-56521996
Brandon, LauraGeorge Campbell Tinning: War Artist 1910-1996p. 57-61521996Second World War
Butlin, SusanLandscape as Memorial: A. Y. Jackson and the Landscape of the Western Front 1917-1918p. 62-70521996
Halliday, Hugh A.VC Or Not VC? Bestowing a Battlefield p. 77-87521996
Jenkins, DanThe Corps of Guides, 1903-1914p. 88-98521996
Fowler, T. RobertRoger Schjelderupp. 99-105521996
Dube, TimothyHector Fraser Dougall, Rfc: a Pilot's Account of the Great Warp. 106-109521996
Crerar, H. D. G.; Beauregard, ClaudeColonel H. D. G. Crerar's Visit to Nazi Germany, 1937p. 121-126521996
Halliday, Hugh A.John Baillie Turner and the Ottawa Volunteer Field Batteryp. 9-18611997
Hamelin, ChristineA Sense of Purpose: Ottawa Students and the Second World Warp. 34-41611997
Maloney, Sean M.Dr. Strangelove Visits Canada: Projects Rustic, Ease, and Bridge, 1958-1963p. 42-56611997
Rawling, BillTo the Sound of the Guns: Canadians and Combat Surgery, 1938-1953p. 57-68611997
Pulsifer, CameronRichard Rowland Thompson and His Queen's Scarf: an Historical Investigationp. 69-83611997
McIntyre, Kyle"Sons of Good Western Stock": the South African War Artefacts of Private Alexander W. Stewart, Lord Strathcona's Horse p. 84-91611997
Brandon, Laura C. Anthony Law (1916-1996): Official War Artistp. 97-100611997
Vance, Jonathan F."Donkeys" Or "Lions"? Re-Examining Great War Stereotypesp. 125-128611997
Fisher, Robert C.Tactics, Training, Technology: the RCN's Summer of Success, July-September 1942p. 7-20621997
Leppard, Thomas P."The Dashing Subaltern": Sir Richard Turner in Retrospectp. 21-28621997
Halliday, Hugh A.Recapturing the North: Exercises "Eskimo," "Polar Bear" and "Lemming," 1945 p. 29-38621997
Wilson, J. Brent"That Vast Experiment": the New Brunswick Militia's 1865 Camp of Instruction p. 39-53621997
Foss, Brian"No Dead Wood": Henry Lamb and the Canadiansp. 62-66621997
Brandon, LauraReflections on the Holocaust: the Holocaust Art of Aba Bayefskyp. 67-71621997
Pulsifer, CameronJohn Robert Osborn: Canada's Hong Kong p. 79-89621997
Paddon, Stuart E.With HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Warspite: the Adventures of a Canadian Radar Officer in the Royal Navyp. 90-102621997
Fowler, T. RobertRonald Routledge, DCM, CDp. 103-108621997
Finley, E. G.; Storey, EdwardRoyal Canadian Naval Beach Commando p. 109-116621997
Brown, A. SutherlandBurma Revisitedp. 117-122621997
Drolet, GilCaptain Louis-Rene Drapeau, DCM & Bar, Ed, CD, Air Medal (US)p. 123-125621997
Evans, ChristopherFlying Desert Rat: the Combat Career of Squadron Leader Bert Houlep. 20-28711998
Tennyson, Brian; Sarty, RogerSydney, Nova Scotia and the U-Boat War, 1918p. 29-41711998
Chartrand, ReneLoyalist Lieutenant Jeremiah French and His UniformP. 42-50711998
Marcus, AngelaSoldiers' Lives Depicted: Paintings and Drawings by "Unofficial Artists" in the Collection of the Canadian War P. 51-58711998
McIntyre, Doug WPursuit to the Seine: the Essex Scottish Regiment and the Foret De La Londe, August 1944P. 59-72711998
AnonymousAnalysis of 75 mm Sherman Tank Casualties Suffered between 6th June and 10th July 1944P. 73-77711998
Milner, MarcReflections on Caen, Bocage and the Gap: a Naval Historian's Critique of the Normandy CampaignP. 7-17721998
Jarymowycz, Roman JohannCanadian Armour in Normandy: Operation "Totalize" and the Quest for Operational ManoeuvreP. 19-40721998
McCulloch, Ian"Within Ourselves": the Development of British Light Infantry in North America during the Seven Years' WarP. 41-55721998
Pothier, BernardThe Royal Arms of France and its Ancillary ArtefactsP. 56-64721998
Brandon, LauraTom Wood: Naval War Artist (1913-1997)P. 65-70721998
Foulds, TonyIn Support of the Canadians: a British Anti-Tank Regiment's First Five Weeks in NormandyP. 71-78721998
Bercuson, David J.Fighting the Defensive Battle on the Jamestown Line: the Canadians in Korea,November 1951P. 7-21731998
McLean, Douglas M.Confronting Technological and Tactical Change: Allied Anti-Submarine Warfare in the Last Year of the Battle of the P. 23-34731998
Byers, DanielOperation "Canada": 5th Canadian Armoured Division's Attack on Delfzijl,23 April to 2 may 1945P. 35-45731998
Oliver, Dean"My Darlin' Clementine?" Wooing Zombies for $6.50 a Night: General Service- Nrma Relations in Wartime CalgaryP. 46-54731998
McIntyre, KyleThe "Dorothy Medal" and the Dominion Rifle AssociationP. 55-57731998
Copp, TerryOfficial History in the 1990'sP. 58-60731998
Keshen, JeffOne Family's War: World War Two as seen through the Craig Family P. 61-76731998
Fowler, T. RobertValour at Sea: the Sinking of MV Devis, July 1943P. 77-80731998
McCulloch, Ian"Batty Mac": Portrait of a Brigade Commander of the Great War, 1915-1917P. 11-28741998
Bartholomew, Robert Phantom German Air Raids on Canada: War Hysteria in Quebec and Ontario during the First World WarP. 29-36741998
Halliday, Hugh A.Exercise "Musk Ox": Asserting Sovereignty "North of 60."P. 37-44741998
Brandon, LauraThe Canadian War Memorial that Never Was P. 45-54741998
Durflinger, SergeOtter's Wound and Other Matters: the "Debate" between William Dillon Otter and Lawrence BuchanP. 55-60741998
Wallace, Jack; Pratt, DavidShermans in Sicily: the Diary of a Young Soldier, Summer 1943P. 63-68741998
Bechthold, Mike"The Development of an Unbeatable Combination": US Close Air Support in NormandyP. 7-20811999
Evans, ChristopherThe Fighter-Bomber in the Normandy Campaign: the Role of 83 GroupP. 21-31811999
Coppolino, Andrew"While the Shells Crashed we were Strong": the Life of War Poet "Toronto"P. 33-40811999
Bond, James C.The Fog of War: Large-Scale Smoke Screening Operations of First Canadian Army in Northwest Europe 1944-1945P. 41-58811999
Halliday, Hugh A.; Brandon, LauraInto the Blue: Pilot Training in Canada, 1917-1918P. 59-64811999
Russell, Harold24th Canadian Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical CorpsP. 65-74811999
Griffiths, Nan; Gough, PaulThe Canadian Memorial Garden. Caen, Normandy, France: Two ViewsP. 75-80811999
Cook, Tim"A Proper Slaughter": the March 1917 Gas Raid at Vimy RidgeP.7-23821999
Godefroy, Andrew B.A Lesson in Success: the Calonne Trench Raid, 17 January 1917P. 25-34821999
Smith, GeorgeThe Franks Flying Suit in Canadian Aviation Medicine History, 1939-1945P. 35-41821999
Armstrong, John G.RCAF Identity in Bomber Command: Squadron Names and SponsorsP. 43-52821999
Reid, MarkThe Quebec Tercentenary, 1908: Canada's First National Military PageantP. 53-58821999
Brown, A. SutherlandForgotten Squadron: Canadian Aircrews in Southeast Asia, 1942-1945P. 59-68821999
Simonds, Guy; Copp,TerryGeneral Simonds Speaks: Canadian Battle Doctrine in NormandyP. 69-80821999
Wilson, David A.The Canadian Role in Operation "Charnwood," 8 July 1944: a Case Study in Tank/infantry Doctrine and PracticeP. 7-21831999
Rickard, John NelsonThe Test of Command: McNaughton and Exercise "Spartan," 4-12 March 1943P. 22-38831999
Wise, S. F.The Gardeners of Vimy: Canadian Corps' Farming Operations during the German Offensives of 1918P. 39-47831999
Macfarlane, JohnThe Right Stuff? Evaluating the Performance of Lieutenant-Colonel F.-L. Lessard in South Africa and His Failure to Receive a Senior Command Position with the CEF in 1914P. 48-58831999
Brandon, LauraArtist of War: Jack Shadbolt (1909-1998)P. 59-61831999
Fisher, WilliamThe End of HMCS St. CroixP. 63-69831999
Matthews, D. JosephBombs Away: the First Mission on a Coastal Command LiberatorP. 70-74831999
Blight, GordonD-Day at Bernieres-Sur-Mer: the 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire RegimentP. 75-78831999
Williamson, Robert JThe Burlington Races Revisited: a Revised Analysis of an 1813 Naval Battle for Supremacy on Lake OntarioP. 7-15841999
Copp, Terry; Hamelin,ChristineLe Regiment De Maisonneuve: a Profile Based on Personnel RecordsP. 17-25841999
Horn, Bernd"A Question of Relevance": the Establishment of a Canadian Parachute Capability, 1942-1945P. 27-38841999
Bayerelein, Carl; MacQuarrie, Alex; Oliver, Dean F.Parachute Engineers in Combat, Ortona 1943: a German PerspectiveP. 47-50841999
Johnston, MurrayCanada's Peacekeepers RememberP. 51-55841999
Johnson, ColonelThe Toronto Scottish Machine Gun Battalion in Normandy (July-August 1944)P. 56-58841999
Anderson, R. F.1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in the Ardennes: a Personal Account, 23 December 1944 to 26 February 1945P. 59-68841999
Loeb, Kurt"The Boys of Summer": a Personal Account of the Canadian Berlin Battalion, June-July 1945P. 69-76841999
Cook, Tim"More a Medicine than a Beverage": "Demon Rum" and the Canadian Trench Soldier of the First World WarP. 6-22912000
Cooke, Owen; Robertson, PeterJames Peters, Military Photography and the Northwest Campaign, 1885P. 23-29912000
Phelan, F. R.Army Supplies in the Forward Area and the Tumpline System: a First World War Canadian Logistical InnovationP. 31-45912000
Pulsifer, Cameron; Wright, Harold"It's just Like the Resurrection": the Boer Surrender to the Canadians at PaardebergP. 47-54912000
McRae, BillBed and Breakfast: a Canadian Airman Reflects on Food and Quarters during the Second World WarP. 60-70912000
Dube, TimothyPer Ardua Ad Astra: a Concise Guide to Canadian Personnel Records and RCAF Service Information of the Second World WarP. 75-79912000
Watson, BrentRecipe for Victory: the Fight for Hill 677 during the Battle of the Kap'yong River, 24-25 April 1951P. 7-24922000
Braida, Jason R. H.The Royal City at War: the Military Mobilization of Guelph, Ontario during the First 18 Months of the Second World WarP. 25-42922000
Wert, MikeFrom Enlistment to the Grave: the Impact of the First World War on 52 Canadian SoldiersP. 43-58922000
Johnston, PaulTactical Air Power Controversies in Normandy: a Question of DoctrineP. 59-71922000
McCoy, BrendanSnapshots from the South African War: the F. C. Cantrill Photograph Collection at the Canadian War Museump. 71-81922000
McDowall, DuncanCanvas of War: Masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945p. 82-87922000
Learment, DonSoldier, POW, Partisan: My Experiences during the Battle of France, June- September 1944p. 91-104922000
Weyman, RonaldMinefield: the Mining of HMS Achates, 25 July 1941p. 105-111922000
Mayne, Richard OliverBypassing the Chain of Command: the Political Origins of the RCN's Equipment Crisis of 1943p. 7-22932000
Windsor, Lee A.Professionalism Under Fire: Canadian Implementation of the Medak Pocket Agreement, Croatia 1993p. 23-35932000
Schleihauf, William"Necessary Stepping Stones": the Transfer of Aurora, Patriot, and Patrician to the Royal Canadian Navy After the First World Warp. 37-48932000
Stairs, DenisCanada and the Korean War: Fifty Years Onp. 49-60932000Korean War
Bridge, Arthur"In the Eye of the Storm": a Recollection of Three Days in the Falaise Gap, 19-21 August 1944p. 61-68932000
McDowall, DuncanHMCS Thiepval: the Accidental Tourist Destinationp. 69-78932000
Roland, Charles G On the Beach and in the Bag: the Fate of Dieppe Casualties Left Behindp. 6-25942000
Kerr, GeorgeViking Force: Canada's Unknown p. 26-34942000
Iarocci, AndrewEquipment of the Canadian Infantryman, 1939-1982: a Material-Historical p. 35-43942000
Durflinger, Serge"I Regret to Inform You": Next-Of-Kin Notification and Official Condolences. the Case of Flight Lieutenant George J. Chequer, RCAFp. 44-55942000
Stewart, Tim"The Pipes Play On": Canadian Pipers at War, 1914-1918. an Inspired Traditionp. 57-64942000First World War
Agnew, Andrew; McLean,Scott A.The Battle of the Windmill Revisitedp. 65-72942000
Rawling, Bill Providing the Gift of Life: Canadian Medical Practitioners and the Treatment of Shock on the Battlefieldp. 7-201012001
Horn, BerndA Military Enigma: the Canadian Special Air Service Company, 1948-1949p. 21-301012001
Lackenbauer, P. WhitneyThe Military and "Mob Rule": the CEF Riots in Calgary, February 1916p. 31-431012001
Pulsifer, CameronCanada's First Armoured Unit: Raymond Canada's First Armoured Unit: Raymond Brutinel and the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigades of the First World Warp. 44-571012001
Brandon, LauraShattered Landscape: the Great War and the Art of the Group of Sevenp. 58-661012001
Shaughnessy, DougSome Thoughts about Private Harold L. Green of the Scout Platoon, First Battalion, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantryp. 67-771012001
Jenkins, DanThe Other Side of the Hill: Combat Intelligence in the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918p. 7-261022001
Horrall, Andrew"Keep-A-Fighting! Play the Game!" Baseball and the Canadian Forces during the First World Warp. 27-401022001
Gustavson, Wes"Fairly Well Known and Need Not be Discussed": Colonel A. F. Duguid and the Canadian Official History of the First World Warp. 41-541022001
Sarty, RogerIncident on Lucknow Street: Defenders and the Defended in Halifax, 1915p. 55-591022001
Quince, Cliff; Durflinger, SergeThrough the Camera's Lens: Scenes from Aboard the Frigate HMCS Dunver, 1943-p. 60-681022001
Matthews, Georgina H.The Homecoming: Lieutenant Donald Armitage Ross, Canadian Grenadier p. 71-741022001
Gross, GordonA Trip to Remember: an Airman's View of D-Dayp. 75-791022001
Gough, Barry M.; Wood, James A."One More for Luck": the Destruction of U971 by HMCS Haida and HMS Eskimo, 24 June 1944p. 7-221032001
Auger, Martin F.French Canadian Participation in the War of 1812: a Social Study of the Voltigeurs Canadiansp. 23-411032001War of 1812
Winter, JayThe Generation of Memory: Reflections on the "Memory Boom" in Contemporary Historical Studiesp. 57-661032001
Wilson, BarbaraThe Road to the Cobourg Court Room: New Material from the Archives of the Canadian War Museum on the Sir Arthur Currie-Sir Sam Hughes Dispute, 1918-19p. 67-731032001
Hart, Keith"Always Ready for any Sticky Job": the Canadian Corps of (Civilian) Firefighters in the Second World Warp. 74-801032001
Copp, TerryThe Defence of Hong Kong: December 1941p. 5-201042001Second World War
Trist, GeorgeReport on the Part Played by the Winnipeg Grenadiers in the Defence of p. 21-261042001
Christie, Kathleen G.Report by Miss Kathleen G. Christie, Nurse with the Canadian Forces at Hong Kong, as Given on Board the SS Gripsholm November 1943p. 27-341042001Second World War
Granatstein, J. L.Conscription and My Politicsp. 35-381042001
Stuart, Kenneth Hong Kong Inquiryp. 42-501042001Second World War
Waters, Anna MayReport by Miss Anna may Waters: Nurse with the Canadian Forces at Hong Kong as Given on Board the SS Gripsholm, November 1943p. 51-581042001
Crew, Thomas E.In Remembrance of Doomed Youth: Private Ralph C. Crew (1893-1917), 87th Battalion, Grenadier Guards, Canadian Expeditionary Forcep. 59-731042001
Miller, IanToronto's Response to the Outbreak of War, 1939p. 5-231112002Second World War
Broad, Graham"Not Competent to Produce Tanks": the Ram and Tank Production in Canada, p. 24-361112002Second World War
Tennyson, BrianA Cape Bretoner at War: Letters from the Front 1914-1919p. 37-481112002First World War
Purchase, Gerry; Cooke, OwenA Rideau Canal Tragedyp. 49-531112002
Gray, David R.Carrying Canadian Troops: the Story of RMS Olympic as a First World War p. 54-701112002First World War
Schecter, JackThe Achievements of Trooper Mulloyp. 71-791112002
Brennan, Patrick H.Byng's and Currie's Commanders: a Still Untold Story of the Canadian Corps p. 5-161122002
Eaton, Mark"Johnson Forever!" Revisiting a Hero of the Seven Years Warp. 17-281122002
MacDonald, Harold; MacDonald, M. A.In the Heat of Battle: Letters from the Normandy Campaign, 1944p. 29-431122002
Glenney, Dan"Treasures" from the Canadian War Museum's Backlogp. 44-521122002
Brown, A. Sutherland; Rodney, WilliamBurma Banzai: the Air War in Burma through Japanese Eyesp. 53-591122002
Halliday, Hugh A.Relief Amid Chaos: the Story of Canadian POWs Driving Red Cross Trucksp. 61-651122002
Fritz, Angela"Regret Deeply . . ." the Second World War Experiences of Bill and Fred Tuckerp. 67-721122002
Storey, EdSarajevo: a Retrospective, 1993-2001p. 73-801122002
Whitby, MichaelThe Case of the Phantom Mtb and the Loss of HMCS Athabaskanp. 5-141132002
Williamson, Robert J.The First Encounter: Fighting for Naval Supremacy on Lake Ontario, 7-10 Augustp. 15-301132002
Godefroy, Andrew B.The Canadian Armed Forces Advisory and Training Team Tanzania 1965-1970p. 31-471132002
Pulsifer, CameronDeath at Licourt: an Historical and Visual Record of Five Fatalities in the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade, 25 March 1918p. 49-641132002
Gough, PaulPeacekeeping, Peace, Memory: Reflections on the Peacekeeping p. 65-741132002
AnonymousSupply Problems in an Amphibious Operationp. 75-781132002
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  1. terry malanchuk -  February 11, 2015 - 6:02 pm 28417

    researching my uncles unit

    • Harold Russell -  April 13, 2015 - 1:22 pm 28461

      I’m the author. From 1953-55 I served in the Reserve Army medical unit and got to know many of the veterans which years later inspired me to write the article. I’d be happy to try to answer any questions you might have. Harold

      • David Hardy -  May 9, 2015 - 2:13 pm 28463

        Hi Harold,
        I’m from the U.S., a Vietnam veteran myself. My mother was from PEI, Canada and I have several relatives from the island who served in ww1 and 2. They have names of MacLeod, McGrath, MacGrath, MacEachern and Macphee. I’ve tried to do some research on them with little luck. All I know is some were at Juno beach and 1 at Vimy ridge. Can you give me some advice on where the best place is to do some research on these brave gentlemen?
        Thank You


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