Friday Roundup: News, Archives, and Useful Links on the Study of War and Society – October 26th 2012

The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society. The documentary this week takes a look at the relevant security threat of a nuclear Iran, a topic that has commanded a great amount of attention in the US elections. The documentary Iran and its relations with the West is a British documentary that looks at the long road of Iran’s rise as a western security threat over the last 30 years.


United States Army Heritage and Education Centre

A treasure trove of digitized material for anyone who’s research may involve American content, the USAHEC is a great resource for historians. The site offers general information on American military events in history but more importantly has a great research section. Photographs, army produced materials, speeches, and other useful documents have all been digitized and organized in a tidy and helpful fashion. I recommend anyone who is doing any research that involves the American army, take a look through this web page’s resources.



Auditor General Report: Canada’s Online Security Centre not operating 24 hours daily

Earlier this week it was revealed that for any enemy of Canada that wished to hit our country’s digital networks would only have to wait till either after 4pm during the week or launch their attack on the weekend. The auditor general noted that Canada’s cyber security centre has not been running 24/7/365.  This raises a number of questions about Canada’s cyber security capabilities and what needs to be done (beyond the obvious need for a 24/7 operating capacity) to ensure that Canada’s digital frameworks are secure from attack or espionage?


General Interests

The Armageddon Letters

This past month has marked the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Armageddon Letters provides information into not only the politics of the events but also the psychology of the key leaders and a more prominent focus on the role of Cuba than has typically been seen when dealing with the subject. The short videos, podcasts, and graphic novel clips make for an interesting approach to the crisis. There is also reviews and summaries of the book, which shares the name of the site, reassessing the impact of the crisis and the that can be drawn from the event. Definitely a site to check out.



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