LCMSDS Photo Holdings

This is a list of our historical photo collection. It is in the process of being digitized and will be updated periodically.  Use the search function on the right to narrow the results. Or you can sort by any of the Headings in Numeric or Alphabetic order.

Photo NumberCaptionKeywordKeywordKeywordWar
603-18870Japanese Prepared Heavy Machine Gun EmplacementCliffSecond World War
GL-1-53Canadians on KiskaSleeping SoldierEquipmentSecond World War
GL-1-64Canadians on Kiska Sleeping QuartersSecond World War
64Blitz Battle of Britain Man Emerging from Bombed Building M Whyte IvansCiviliansWreckageSecond World War
65Blitz Battle of Britain Canadian Unity M Whyte IvansStretcherSoldiersWoundedSecond World War
1009Blitz Children Amid Wreckage (French after German Bombing)Second World War
1470Blitz Soldiers Putting Out FireFirefightersBombingSecond World War
B8Battle of Britain Children Playing M Whyte IvansSchool YardSecond World War
B8Blitz Citizens Preparing for Raid M Whyte IvansBeddingLine upSecond World War
BBlitz Moving Out Bodies M Whyte IvansCivilianCasualtiesSecond World War
Blitz Battle of Britain Bombing Raid M Whyte IvansCanalSecond World War
Blitz Caring for a Wounded Citizen M Whyte IvansDestructionSecond World War
Blitz Child Carrying Supplies M Whyte IvansBoyKettleSackSecond World War
Blitz Cleaning the Rubble M Whyte IvansHouses DestroyedSecond World War
Blitz Hospital After Bombing M Whyte IvansPatientsSecond World War
Blitz Police Officer M Whyte IvansPoliceSecond World War
Blitz The Meaning of Blitz M Whyte IvansLadyCasualtyCitySecond World War
BBlitz Bombed House M Whyte IvansDollDestructionBuildingSecond World War
Blitz CiviliansChild SavedRubbleSecond World War
Blitz School RoomAir DrillsUnder DesksChildrenSecond World War
Blitz Piece of PlaneCiviliansDestroyed PlaneSecond World War
Blitz ChildrenVictorySymbolSecond World War
Blitz Train StationTrainCiviliansSecond World War
977.33.25Guelph Armoury 1909BuildingPeacetime
981.7.3Major OM McConkeyMajorCommanderSecond World War
981.7.53Battery at Petawawa 1939SoldiersFirst World War DressSecond World War
981.7.58Guelph Armoury 1940ArmouryBritainSecond World War
981.7.62Gunners Drill Behind the Guelph Armoury 1940ArtillerySecond World War
NA2362-89Sussex England June 1944McQueenLincolnWellardSecond World War
NA2864-3134(E)Marching SoldiersSecond World War
NA2362-88Calgary HighlandersKiltsSecond World War
NA2362-90PortraitSecond World War
NA3752-10Royal Canadian Air Force PhotoCalgaryAerial ViewSecond World War
PA183993Canadian Highlander CommanderCanadaSecond World War
J-2Captain McGowan and CSM Kemp New Years 1944ArdennesNew YearsSecond World War
J-5Sgt. Anderson and Sgt. LGS Kolkhagen Germany 1945KolkhagenGermanySecond World War
PA201258Canadian Para With Union JackArmySecond World War
PA201258 J-1Canadian Paratrooper with Union JackFully EquippedSecond World War
PA201259Canadian Paratrooper infront of Union JackSecond World War
3Lincoln and Welland Regt. Sussex England 1944Second World War
860CommanderSecond World War
PA190106HQ Company South Saskatchewan Regiment 1941EnglandSecond World War
PA190107Group B Company South Saskatchewan Regiment 1941EnglandSecond World War
SoldierSecond World War
Soldier2Second World War
54Queen's Own Rifles Soldiers Creeping over a HillCanadiansSecond World War
55Queen's Own Rifles Soldiers Planting a BombCanadianPersonnel MineSecond World War
60Queen's Own Rifles Group PictureSecond World War
61Queen's Own RiflesForrestRelaxingSecond World War
66Queen's Own Rifles Group PictureCanadian ArmySecond World War
68Queen's Own Rifles Canadian Soldier OutlookLook OutSecond World War
6Black Watch Mt. RoyalCreepingSecond World War
41059Black Watch Soldiers Observing a MapMapObservingSecond World War
Black Watch15 Germany 1945Canadian TributeSecond World War
Black Watch 3 Soldiers at EaseAt EaseSecond World War
Black Watch Fully Equipped SoldierEquipmentSecond World War
Black Watch Increment 1940EquipmentGroup PhotoSecond World War
Black Watch Man with a CatCatSecond World War
Black Watch Men with JeepsLeisureJeepsSecond World War
Black Watch Soldier Emerging from TentSoldierSecond World War
Black Watch Soldiers at AttentionMontrealSecond World War
Canadian Pipers Marching Down the Champs Elysees ParisChamps ElyseesParisSecond World War
81-6456POWs DieppePOWsSecond World War
26730Bruneval Castle US Airforce Photo DieppeBruneval CastleWurzburgFranceSecond World War
57354Normandy BeachDieppeCliffsSecond World War
19830136-001#1Mine Dieppe_001Dropped into WaterSecond World War
19830136-001#1Mine Dieppe_0002Second World War
19830136-001#3Dieppe BeachCasualtiesTankLanding CraftSecond World War
19830136-001#4Destroyed Landing Craft DieppeLanding CraftSecond World War
19830136-))1#6Dead Soldiers on Dieppe BeachesCasualtiesSecond World War
19830136-001#8Destroyed Tank and Wounded Soldiers Dieppe 1942TankSecond World War
19830136-001#10Soldier Wounded on Stretcher DieppeStretcherCasualtySecond World War
19830136-001#11DieppeWoundedCitySecond World War
19830136-001#12Wounded POWs After Dieppe RaidWoundedPOWsCanadiansSecond World War
19830136-001#13Wounded at DieppeCiviliansSecond World War
19830136-001#15POWs DieppeRound upPOWsCity Streets DieppeSecond World War
19830136-001#16POWs DieppeGermans Watching POWsSecond World War
19830136-001#17POWs DieppeGermans Watching POWsSecond World War
19830136-001#19Fallen Soldiers March DieppeStreetsMemorial MarchSecond World War
19830136-001#20Lowering Bodies into Graves DieppeGrave siteBuriedSecond World War
AN19830136-001#18DieppeChurchExhaustionWoundedSecond World War
C29850Canadian Troops Captured during Raid on Dieppe 1942Round upPOWsSecond World War
C29857Dieppe POWsCigarettsCanadianSecond World War
C105248Aerial View of Dieppe 1944After RaidSecond World War
PA113246Landing Craft Carrying Canadian Troops to DieppeAtlantic OceanLanding CraftsSecond World War
PA113251Mjr Foote Shows Vict. Cross to Lt. Col MacDonaldVictoria CrossFranceSecond World War
PA131224Posts Erected Germans Defence Against Landings DieppeBeachesPostsLanding CraftsSecond World War
PA141307British Command Return to New Haven after Dieppe RaidDocksSecond World War
PA171080Convoy Landing Craft enroute to Dieppe 1942_0002BattleshipsLanding CraftsAtlantic OceanSecond World War
PA136017South Saskatchewan Regiment Crossed 'Merrit Bridge"South Saskatchewan RegimentBridgeCol MerritSecond World War
PA137299View from Top of Cliff at Scie River DieppeCliffBarbed WireSecond World War
2Aerial View of DieppeAtlantic OceanSecond World War
12Aerial View of Main Beach at Dieppe Enemy Gun PositionsHarbourAugust 1944Second World War
39805McGivern & Medhurst Examining a Pill Box DieppePostsPill BoxBeachesSecond World War
19830136-001#9TankFieldDestroyed CitySecond World War
AN 19830136-001#2Main Beach of Dieppe After BattleTanksLanding CraftsSecond World War
AN19830136-001#5Disabled Tank at Dieppe BeachTankBeachSecond World War
AN19830136-001#7Destroyed TankSecond World War
Box150Dieppe Harbour from the AirAerial ViewDieppeBeachesSecond World War
C14160Cdn Sol Bodies Operation Jubilee DieppeCasualtiesTanksLanding CraftsSecond World War
C29588POWs in Germany after Dieppe RaidPOWsWoundedSecond World War
PA113244Canadian Troops Training Exercise for Dieppe RaidPracticeLanding CraftsSecond World War
PA1162702nd Canadian Infantry Division Marching Through DieppeCanadiansArtillerySecond World War
PA136017Men of S. Saskatchewan Regiment at 'Merritt Bridge'Col. MerrittSecond World War
PA137303Lieutenant Colnel BM Alway Dieppe 1944LieutenantCanadiansSecond World War
PA140400S. Saskatchewan Regiment Sightsee Dieppe Beaches 1944CanadiansCliffPostsSecond World War
PA192015Pourville 1944 Soldiers Discuss Actions of 1942CandiansDieppeSecond World War
PA192016Soldiers Correct Sign in Pourville 1944Barbed WireSecond World War
PA501232Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt 1941Col. MerrittFully UniformedSecond World War
PA136022Beach at DieppeBeachesCityAerial ViewSecond World War
PA137298Flame Throwers Dieppe 1944Barbed WireRubbleSecond World War
592-18325Medical Record ID Card Pte PottPortraitSecond World War
592-18622Prisoners of War Hong Kong 1945POWsWinnipeg GrenadierJapanese Internment CampSecond World War
592-18626Medical Record ID Card Pte FriesenWinnipeg GrenadierJapanese POW CampSecond World War
PA 143934Prince Robert Landing PartyCanadian POWsPrisoners of WarSecond World War
28876-NCanadians in Italy Entrance to a GraveyardHighlandersCanadiansGrave siteSecond World War
29249-NCanadians in Italy Three Rivers Regt.TankCanadiansCorvetteSecond World War
32617-NCanadians in ItalyTankCanadiansSecond World War
32637-NCanadians in ItalyPatientHospitalSecond World War
PA141B11Plasma Being Given Orders from Major SmithHospitalOperationSecond World War
PA114038Major Tisdale Treating Wounded Italian WomanWoundedCivilianSecond World War
PA114039Refugees Returning to Ortona ItalyRubbleSecond World War
PA115154Personnel of Edmonton Regiment Dec 1943SoldierRubbleSecond World War
PA115198Medical Officer with West Nova Scotia RegimentMedical OfficerWoundedForrestSecond World War
PA116819Mortars of the 1st Canadian Corps firing at NightFlame shooterSecond World War
PA129763Canadian Troops Enter Pancrazio ItalySoldiersCiviliansSecond World War
PA130869Big Ward of Canadian General HospitalHospitalNursesWoundedSecond World War
PA136311Wounded Soldier Helped to Casualty Clearing StationRoadside WoundedSecond World War
PA140208ConvoyTanksJeepsHillsideSecond World War
PA144114Convoy of TanksTanksItalySecond World War
PA144724Canadian Advance Through the Hitler LineTrucksRubbleSecond World War
PA144977Canadian Unit Tank Officers WoundedStretcherItalySecond World War
PA160454Sherman Tank of the Ontario Regiment July 1944TankItalySecond World War
PA166938Unidentified Motorcycle DriverAbandoned MotorcycleSecond World War
PA169082Personnel of the Seaforth Highlanders Burying CrewTanksTanksRubbleSecond World War
PA177104Rescue of Lance-Corporel Boyd of Edmonton RegimentSoldierRubbleRescueSecond World War
PA177162Mj Hurdle Briefing Personnel of the Calgary RegimentOperation LayoutRescueSecond World War
PA189888Soldier Positioning Machine GunHillsideLook OutSecond World War
PA189923Personnel of Governor General's Horse GuardsHaircutsNewspaperLeisureSecond World War
PA1899248th Indian Div Advance towards Castrocielo PlaceFieldHillsideSecond World War
PA193388Observing MapRoadsideMapSecond World War
PA193389Soldiers Clearing RubbleItalySecond World War
PA193390Destroyed JeepRoadsideDestroyed JeepSecond World War
PA193865Truck Stuck in Mud Italy 1944TruckSecond World War
PA196285Doctor Operating on SoldierWoundedOperationHospitalSecond World War
PA196286Surgical Tools Italy 1944Operating RoomSecond World War
PA1962871 Field Surgical UnitHospitalNursesSecond World War
PA196288Nurse Campbelltown NBRemoving Italian SignCanadaSecond World War
PA177158Personnel of Loyal Edmonton Reg. Evacuating WoundedCitySoldiersSecond World War
A F P - 1Men in Front of PlanePilotPlaneSecond World War
A F P - 2Canadian Soldiers Examine a Captured 88ArtilleryWoundedSecond World War
A F P - 3RCAF Pilots in front of MosquitoPlaneSecond World War
PA131373Sherman Mk IV of Armored DivisionTankSecond World War
PA131391Sherman VC FireflyTankSecond World War
Air War - 1German Woman Flees Burning BuildingRubbleWomanSecond World War
Air War - 2Kiel German Navy Base after Air RaidRubbleRuined CityAir RaidSecond World War
Air War - 3Post Office at Kiel Germany After Air RaidRubbleAir RaidSecond World War
PA62588Personnel with Fairchild 71 Aircraft of the RCAFPilotPlaneSecond World War
PA145996Ariel View of No.5 Bombing and Gunnery SchoolRCAFAriel PhotoSecond World War
WA481Castelnuovo, Canadian Armored DivisionCitySecond World War
WA531Preparing Class 30 Double-Single Bailey Bridge for DemolitionEngineersBridgeSecond World War
WA1031Gun Positions and CarrierArtilleryFieldSecond World War
WA860Advanced O.P. LandingPlaneSecond World War
Harris - 12694Soldier in TankBattlefieldSecond World War
WA526Scout Cars in HarbourItalyCamoSecond World War
WA594Battleground before OrtonaItalyTankSecond World War
WA1109Dog Fight off OrtonaItalyAnti-Aircraft GunSecond World War
BCATP - 1Pilot in OfficePilotCanadaSecond World War
BCATP - 2Plane with Broken WingPlane WreckCanadaSecond World War
BCATP - 3Plane in SnowLandedSnowPlaneSecond World War
BCATP - 4Wreaked Plane in FieldPlaneCrashSecond World War
BCATP - 5Destroyed PlaneWreakagePlaneSecond World War
BCATP - 6DND Ferry CommandClassroomTeachingSecond World War
BCATP - 7Avro Anson Damaged in Training AccidentPlaneRunwaySecond World War
BCATP - 8Plane Pulled By HorsesRunwayHorsesSecond World War
C-053117Gander NewfoundlandAerial PhotographAirfieldSecond World War
PA115587AirfieldSnowSecond World War
PA1114894Captain Charles Comfort Working on PaintingItalySecond World War
PA116592Captain C. F. ComfortOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA116952 (A)Captain Lawren Harris Canadian War ArtistGerman PzKpfW IV tankItalySecond World War
PA169090War ArtistPaintingFieldSecond World War
WA254Berardi Crossroads Looking West Toward Maiella Massif RangeOrtonaItalySecond World War
WA257Burnt-Out German VehiclesItalySecond World War
WA334Farnese Castle, Ortona, From the Ortona-Pescara Coast RoadItalySecond World War
WA825Medium Gun PositionsItalyGunsSecond World War
WA897Before the AttackTankItalySecond World War
WA2180-ACharles Fraser Comfort, Officers LinesChurchCampItalySecond World War
WA13731Mobile BathItalySecond World War
WA190William Abernethy Ogilivie, Company HeadquartersMarchItalySecond World War
12344Charles Fraser Comfort, Passo di FratemortoItalySecond World War
D-3BattlegroundItalySecond World War
12243Charles Fraser Comfort, Burning German MillItalyRubbleSecond World War
C-13SoldiersSoldiersItalySecond World War
21090Canadians Invading SicilyTanksBattleshipSecond World War
22660Cdn Armoured Tanks Regalbuto SicilyTankRubbleSecond World War
E000945232CataniaBuildingSicilyItalySecond World War
E000945233Catania With SignsItalySicilySoldierSecond World War
E000945235Sicilian ChildrenChildrenRubbleSecond World War
E000945236Overlooking a CliffCiviliansChildrenSecond World War
E000945237Cdn Cemetery SicilyCanadianMaple LeafTomb StoneSecond World War
E000945238Cdn Soldier Reeding Sicilian Children 1943ChildrenCiviliansCanadaSecond World War
Invasion of Avola SicilyFlagLanding Craft MobileVesselsSecond World War
PA13670Tanks on Move Sicily Italy 1943TankSecond World War
PA115710Germans Captured by Edmonton Regt. Valguarnera ItalyPOWsPrisoners of WarSoldiersSecond World War
PA119510Assoro Italy 1943MapsSoldiersJeepsSecond World War
PA130249Gn Montgomery Cdn Troops Pachino Peninsula SicilyOceanSoldiersCommanderSecond World War
PA130254German Prisoners North of Regalbuto ItalyPOWsLandscapeSecond World War
PA130347German Tanks Knocked Out in Leonforte Italy 1943TankCity StreetSecond World War
PA132777Lt. Col. Crow and Mj. Pope of Royal Can Regt.ArmerinaMajorMapSecond World War
PA132779Lt. Col Hoffmeister Sicily Italy 1943CanadaSecond World War
PA134527Mortar Firing Crew Nissoria Sicily 1943SoldiersSecond World War
PA136216Lt. Col. Hoffmeister Leading Battalion Sicilian HillsDesertLandscapesecond World War
PA137512Allied Jeeps Passing German Vehicles Agira ItalyJeepLandscapesecond World War
PA138269PPCLI Patrolling Streets Agira Italy 1943SoldiersCity StreetsSecond World War
PA140150Canadian Troops Moving Sicily CampaignJeepStreetsItalySecond World War
PA1517987th Battery, 2nd Field Regt. Royal Can ArtilleryArtillerySoldiersItalySecond World War
PA162142Militello Sicily 1943SoldiersItalySecond World War
PA162143Mobile Sower Adrano Sicily 1943ShowersSecond World War
PA163668Hauling Transport from Beach Pachino Sicily 1943ConvoyJeepsItalySecond World War
PA163671PPCLI Marching Through Streets ValguarneraSoldiersItalySecond World War
PA166498Edmonton Regt. Loading Packs on Mules Sicily Italy 1943DonkeysCratesSecond World War
PA166750PPCLI In ActionItalyLandscapeSecond World War
PA166751Roger and Sugar Beaches Pachino Italy 1943SoldiersSecond World War
PA166755PPCLI Advancing past a Sherman TankItalyCanadiansSecond World War
PA168705Royal Canadian Regiment on Mules Regalbuto ItalyDonkeysSecond World War
PA168706Bulldozer 1st Field Company Regalbuto Italy 1943LandscapeSecond World War
PA169997Enna Italy 1943SoldiersRadioSecond World War
PA177089Edmonton Regt. Loadings Packs on Mules Sicily 1943DonkeysCratesSecond World War
PA188912Cdn Troops en Route to SicilyShipSecond World War
PA193883CanadiansTankKeeping coolSecond World War
PA193886Pipe Band in Agira 1943ItalySecond World War
PA193890Canadians in Sicily 1943ItalyWoundedAmbulanceSecond World War
PLA687249Italian Fortifications 1943ArtillerySecond World War
70South African SoldierProfileSouth African War
C7993Canadian Mounted Rifles Boer WarCiviliansChildrenSouth African War
C14081MulloyTrooperSouth African War
Men with HorsesCanadiansSouth African War
PA144980Private Nicky Deagle 4th Field AmbulanceWoundedMedicineSouth African War
PA173037Royal Canadian Rifles to Orange Free StateMaxium GunsSouth African War
PA181414Pandelburg ShootingAfricaSouth African War
PA181427Return of Lord Strathcona's Horse from South AfricaLondonEnglandSouth African War
Photo Q-1SoldersSouth African War
South African SoldierSouth African War
PA169121Westminster RegimentTankThrasherItalyPost Second World War
PA144730Canadian Advance through Hitler LineRubbleBuildingsItalySecond World War
PA130353German Tanks Taken OutHighlandersCanadianItalySecond World War
PA169112Canadians Inspect a Knocked-Out Germany TankPanther TankItalySecond World War
12PR5043PG19Aerial View of ItalyPontecorvoSecond World War
32821-NMj General Christopher VokesItalyPrince Edward RegimentCanadiansSecond World War
32658-NCanadians in ItalyOliver LeeseEighth ArmySoldiersSecond World War
32820-NCanadians in ItalyChristopher VokesAddressing Soldierssecond World War
PA167002Major John Keefer MahonyWestminster RegimentCanadianSecond World War
PA128986Special Service ForceCamouflageCanadianItalySecond World War
33706Royal 22nd Regiment May 30, 1944ItalyHitler LineCanadianSecond World War
PA140560Canadians in ItalyMotorcycleJeepSecond World War
PA191311Canadian Camp in ItalyLeisureSportSecond World War
PA191307Corporal Salward Writing HomeHomeSecond World War
PA130590OrtonaRoyal 22nd RegimentItalyGroup PhotoSecond World War
PA169090OrtonaCaptain Lawren HarrisCanadian War ArtistPaintingSecond World War
PA129764Officers and Sergeants of Princess Louise Fusilliers MortarsFiringBomb landingsSecond World War
PA128286Captain Charles ComfortWar ArtistPaintingCanadianSecond World War
PA140098Movie CameraCanadian Army Film and Photo UnitItalyHitler LineSecond World War
PA190187Female Dance Band at Canadian ClubItalySecond World War
PA145490Private Alvia 'Smoky' SmithHighlanders of CanadaSecond World War
PA189925German anti-tank gun knocked out ItalyLiri ValleyCanadian ForcesBritish ForcesSecond World War
PA144726Canadians in ItalyRuined CityCassinoSecond World War
PA144728Canadians Advance across Melfa RiverPontecorvoJerry TankSecond World War
PA189919Private Stanley Rodgers 48 Highlanders of CanadaPIAT gunItalySecond World War
PA137999Camouflaged Armoured CarGovernor General's Horse GuardsHitler LineSecond World War
J.R. Hurst GraveTrooperCanadianOntario RegimentPost Second World War
J.R. Hurst Grave2Head StonePost Second World War
J.R. Hurst Grave3Maple LeafHead StoneCanadianPost Second World War
Map of ItalyTyrrhenian SeaAdriatic SeaSecond World War
1st Canadian Division takes Ortona 1943MapSecond World War
PA163938Refugees in a streetOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA136805Italians Greet Canadian TroopsStalettiSecond World War
29852Local Patriots greet CanadiansItalySecond World War
32638-NCanadians in ItalyFamous TapestriesMonte Vergine MonasteryGeorge P. VanierSecond World War
PA135867Teresa Guido Berardi at Casa BeradriWoman in DestructionSecond World War
PA114050Teresa Guido Berardi at Casa BeradriOrtonaSecond World War
PA114040Girl Hanging out WashingOrtonaItalySecond World War
29941-NCanadians in ItalyLoyal Edmonton RegimentPaying RespectsSoldiers that fell at OrtonaSecond World War
PA157376Major Paul TriquetRoyal 22nd RegimentOrtonaSecond World War
27990-NCanadians in ItalyOrtonaTankRubbleSecond World War
PA114482Personnel of the Carleton and York RegimentItalyAdvancing under Sniper FireSecond World War
PA170291Truck and Jeep of the 1st Canadian DivisionOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA107935Canadian Troops Moving Anti-Tank GunOrtonaItalySecond World War
25671Canadian Regiment Runs into Enemy Sniper FireMachine Gun FireItaly InvasionSecond World War
PA183863Italy and Hitler's LineSpecial Service ForceCanadian-AmericanSecond World War
PA167660Royal Canadian Artillery AttackOrtonaItalyAerial ViewSecond World War
PA107936Banco di NapoliEdmonton RegimentOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA144103PotenzaCalgary RegimentOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA177097Barber butting the hair of Private TimsSpecial Company Saskatoon Light InfantryAnti-Aircraft GunOrtonaSecond World War
PA114030Edmonton Regiment Advancing up StreetOrtonaItalySecond World War
PA114033Soldiers in RubbleOrtonaItalyPOWSecond World War
PA167913Burial ServiceCanadian Caplain ServicesSan Leonardo Di OrtonaItalySecond World War
22823Chief Police of Valguarnera reads ProclamationSicilyCaptain George HartCaptain W. CooperSecond World War
PA163411Soldiers Waiting for Orders to AttackCommander Lieut. Macdonald48th HighlandersS. Leonardo Di OrtonaSecond World War
PA141867Edmonton Regiment Uses a Blasted Wall for CoverColle d'AnchieseItalySecond World War
21902Canadian Barrage Approach on EnnaLandscapeSecond World War
PA147111Canadian Army Film UnitTwo German bodiesOrtonaSan LeonardoSecond World War
PA114487Personnel of Edmonton RegimentSan Leonardo di OrtonaItalySecond World War
PA136198Canadian Infantry Brigade Throwing a Hand GrenadeSniper hideoutCampochiaroItalySecond World War
PA193391Potenza SignCanadian Army PhotographerSmokingSecond World War
PA130065Military Medal AwardItalyPrince Edward RegimentSecond World War
PA193894Canadians in ItalyMapItalyFormation HeadquartersSecond World War
28878Canadians In ItalyMemorial ServiceSeaforth Highlanders of CanadaGraveyardSecond World War
28323Canadians In Italy Buried AliveEighth Army FrontWestern Canadian InfantryRescueSecond World War
32222Canadians in Italy MacLean's MagazineSeaforth CanadaOrtonaReadingSecond World War
PA190825Music BreakAccordianSecond World War
PA193909North of Ortona, Regimental Aid PostSeaforth HighlandersShrapnelWoundedSecond World War
PA137995Humber Mk. IV Ark Armoured CarWrecked German Staff CarItalySecond World War
32196Canadians in Italy Ceremony for Edication for Cdn CemeteryUnion JackSecond World War
29925Seaforth SquareMotorcycleSecond World War
26565Canadians Arrive in ItalyPipersShipsCanadian Infantry UnitSecond World War
PA142089Major General Vokes1st Canadian RegimentItalySecond World War
PA189918King George VI Meeting Mj Paul TriquetRoyal 22nd RegimentItalySecond World War
PA131169General Chris Vokes SpeaksPrincess Patricia Canadian InfantryRiccioneItalySecond World War
28028Major-General Guy SimondsCommanded First Cdn DivisionSicilySecond World War
Major-General Bert HoffmeisterSecond World War
33253Canadian Army PhotoTankSecond World War
31224Canadians in Italy General ELM BurnsDeskPaperworkSecond World War
28416Canadians in Italy Eighth ArmyGeneral Oliver LeeseBritish and Canadian OfficersSecond World War
23785Canadians Invade Italy General Bernard MontgomeryMapSecond World War
25220Canadians in Italy Observe Effects of Artillery FireSan MarcoBrigadiersSecond World War
28915Canadians in Italy Eighth Army CommanderGeneral Oliver LeeseMapPlaneSecond World War
31222Canadians in Italy ELM BurnsSecond World War
PA130592Lieut. Gn. Allfrey and Mj. Paul TriquetSecond World War
PA189920Major-General Hoffmeister5th Canadian Armoured DivisionPrior to Hitler's LineBriefingSecond World War
PA144173Field Marshal Harold AlexanderGothic LineOrtonaSecond World War
PA1314208th Army Commander General Sir Oliver LeeseHeadquartersGilpinSecond World War
PA313421Lieut. Col FJ ThorneGeneral Oliver LeeseSecond World War
32803Canadians in Italy Major-General HoffmeisterItalyInspects MenSecond World War
31208Canadian Major General HoffmeisterItalySecond World War
32760Canadians in Italy General Sir Oliver LeeseItalySecond World War
PA134180Major General ELM Burns Officer of the British EmpireMilitary CrossMapJeepSecond World War
PA132784Lieut. Gen. Crerar turning over Command1st Canadian CorpsMajor General ELM BurnsItalySecond World War
Balkans 1DesertSecond World War
Imperial War Museum CoverJeepSecond World War
24910YugoslaviaAnti-aircraftJeepSecond World War
26888On the Road to TripoloDesertConvoyBritish 8th ArmySecond World War
595741Capture of TobrukLybiaAerial ViewSecond World War
17340Defending Fort at TobrukGunnersAnti-Aircraft WeaponBritishSecond World War
593869Tobruk Falls to the BritishAerial ViewBritishSecond World War
3In the Desert AirBritish Naval EnsignTobrukSecond World War
650720Scene of Great Tank BattleKnightsbridgeLibyaTankSecond World War
14254Friday the Thirteenth for Nazis in TobrukUnion JackBritish 8th ArmyNorth African PortSecond World War
Grenadiers Exercise - march with BayonetsReturn from EgyptLondonSecond World War
669591Hello TobrukVictoryBritish 8th ArmySecond World War
595377Pictures taken in BardiaAustralian InfantryVictorySecond World War
19335New British Arrivals in EgyptDesertCampSecond World War
AO2097ParatroopersPlainsSecond World War
28108-NCanadians in North AfricaAlgiers AirportMj. Gen. G.P. VanierFrench North AfricaSecond World War
Canada' 1961 P.T. MaudePost Second World War
Street in La SciePost Second World War
AA1.249La Scie_0001Post Second World War
AA1.249Overlooking CliffPost Second World War
27Queen's Own RiflesTrainSoldiersSecond World War
30Queen's Own RiflesWinterMarchingSoldiersSecond World War
32Queen's Own RiflesWinterMapSecond World War
229Queen's Own RiflesGas MasksTrainingSecond World War
18Queen's Own RiflesCleaning FloorsBunk BedsCabinSecond World War
20Queen's Own RiflesSnow FightWinterSecond World War
19Queen's Own RiflesBathing a DogCabinBeer BottleSecond World War
21Queen's Own RiflesConstructionSecond World War
26Queen's Own RiflesWinterSnow StormSecond World War
35Queen's Own RiflesWinterSecond World War
29Queen's Own RiflesPracticeIndoorsRiflesSecond World War
42Queen's Own RiflesWinter ExpeditionRest StopSecond World War
48Queen's Own RiflesTrenchWinterSecond World War
41Queen's Own RiflesRest StopWinterSecond World War
51Queen's Own RiflesTrenchDiggingSecond World War
39Queen's Own RiflesCabinEquipmentBlanketsSecond World War
50Queen's Own RiflesLaundryCabinSecond World War
34Queen's Own RiflesPracticeAimSecond World War
46Queen's Own RiflesShavingJeepSecond World War
43Queen's Own RiflesLine up for FoodRationsWinterSecond World War
47Queen's Own RiflesSleeping QuartersRelaxing SoldierSecond World War
44Queen's Own RiflesWinterBridgeMarching SoldiersSecond World War
45Queen's Own RiflesMachine Gun TutorialPracticeSecond World War
36Queen's Own RiflesTrainSecond World War
37Queen's Own RiflesMarching TroopsConoySecond World War
38Queen's Own RiflesGun TutorialClassSessionSecond World War
56aQueen's Own RiflesDanceUnion JackSecond World War
56bQueen's Own RiflesJeepSoldiersSecond World War
49Queen's Own RiflesWinterRestingSecond World War
52Queen's Own RiflesTrenchSecond World War
31Queen's Own RiflesWinterSecond World War
28Queen's Own RiflesWinterSecond World War
PA108014Sherman Tanks in Streets of NetherlandsGovernor General's Horse GuardsConvoy of TanksJeepsSecond World War
PA130018Canadian Berlin Battalion Flag Raising CeremonyGermanyParadeSecond World War
55233Canadian FloatParadeSecond World War
PA163630Pipe Band of Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersCanadaWinston ChurchillVictory ParadeSecond World War
PA140126Canadian Jeep in Potsdam PlaceBerlin, GermanyRubbleBurnt BuildingsSecond World War
PA116311Baseball Game btwn Women and OfficersEager BeaversRegina RiflesNetherlandsSecond World War
46826Moyland Germany Relaxing in CastleSecond World War
52986Brake GermanyMemorial ServiceCeremonyMonumentSecond World War
48304Soldiers leaving for EnglandNetherlandsJeepCanadianSecond World War
PA160956Canadians in GermanyBerlin BattalionHeadquartersSecond World War
PA160958Cdns in Germany Stalin's huge painting in BackgroundSutherland HighlandersBrandenburg GateSecond World War
PA137476Sgt Durocher Canadian Berlin BattalionNazi MetalsBerlin, GermanySecond World War
E 1Toronto Scottish Recuiting boothRecruitmentTorontoScottishSecond World War
PA 142516Machine gun position E RCAF Coal Harbour B.C.British ColumbiaSoldiersDefenseSecond World War
PA160945Cdns in Germany Hoisting Union Jack in BerlinReview of troopsGermanySecond World War
PA99720Camp Canada Oldenburg GermanyTroopsJeepHousing QuartersSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 1Canadian Tank RegimentTanksTrainingSecond World War
PA151751Private Murray Dorey Chocolate to German ChildrenChildrenJeepCanadianSecond World War
E - 14Scottish Regiment at AttentionScottishSoldiersSecond World War
PA175789Gunner Bronson Dancing in BallroomLeave at Rest CampHarzburg, GermanyDancingSecond World War
E - 15Troops leaving on TrainTrainSoldiersSecond World War
PA99718Entrance to Camp Canada Oldenburg GermanySoldierGateSecond World War
E - 16Soldier Kissing WomanSoldierKissingSecond World War
PA116744Valentine's Day DanceCanadian HeadquartersBrusselsDancingSecond World War
E - 13Scottish Regiment MarchingSoldiersMarchingSecond World War
E - 10Canadian Soldiers at Attention in Front of Passchendaele MonumentHomefrontSoldiersAt AttentionSecond World War
PA130198Farewell Parade to Fort Gary Horse UnitCiviliansHollandSecond World War
E - 11Speech with Union JackSpeechUnion JackSecond World War
E - 12Scottish Regiment Running Down a HillScottish RegimentRunningSecond World War
E - 7Scottish Regiment in full UniformScottishStanding at attentionFull uniformSecond World War
PH3172327Archives Du Royal 22e RegimentPersonnelCiviliansSecond World War
PH3172328Archives Du Royal 22e RegimentFrench CanadiansCiviliansSecond World War
E - 8Scottish Regiment ParadeParadeScottish RegimentSecond World War
E - 6Scottish Regiment Recruitment OfficerRecruitmentScottish RegimentSecond World War
B8Sunbathing in LemgoGermanyWomenSecond World War
E - 9Scottish Regiment Marching into a BuildingScottish RegimentMarchingSecond World War
4Mountains in GermanyForrestLunchSecond World War
E - 1_2Tank InspectionTanksInspectionSecond World War
PA116304Regina Rifles Farewell ParadeJeepHowartTroopsSecond World War
PA113002Officers at National Defense Headquarters, Ottowa Ont.: Maj. Gen. F.F. Worthington, Maj. Gen. H.F.G. Letson, Brig. E.L.M. BurnsOfficersDiscussionSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 2South Saskatchewan Regiment MarchingSouth Saskatchewan RegimentMarchingSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 3South Saskatchewan Regiment LeavingSouth Saskatchewan RegimentDepartureCrowdSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 4South Saskatchewan Regiment Parading through TownSouth Saskatchewan RegimentParadeMarchingSecond World War
PA130067Liberation of Utrecht NetherlandsLiberationVictoryCivilians RejoiceSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 6Officer Training Soldiers in Rifle UseRiflesSoldiersTrainingSecond World War
PA129782Nazi Collaborator rounded up by DutchCiviliansGun pointSecond World War
PA133180Dutch Partisans Rounding up CollaboratorsNetherlandsJeepCiviliansSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 7South Saskatchewan Regiment Marching out of TownSouth Saskatchewan RegimentMarchingSecond World War
PA183171Members of the French ResistanceShaving Heads of WomenFranceCollaborated with German TroopsSecond World War
PA183172Members of the French ResistanceShaving Heads of WomenBrionne FranceCollaborated with German TroopsSecond World War
AO2698Canadian Soldiers in Winter CamoflougeWinter CamoflougeWinterSoldiersSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 8Canadian Soldier in UniformSoldierUniformSecond World War
PA137042Dutch Round up Nazi CollaboratorsCollaborator in House with Hands upCivilians Peer into WindowSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 9Canadian Soldiers Marching with BayonettesCanadian SoldiersMarchingBayonettesSecond World War
PA161934Community Awaiting the 1 Cdn Division After LiberationVictoryCiviliansCrowdsSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 10Canadian Soldiers Rifle TrainingRifleTrainingSoldiersSecond World War
PA161933Collaborators of Nazis in Streets with Red Patch DevilsAfter LiberationHollandCiviliansSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 11Canadian Soldiers MarchingSoldiersMarchingSecond World War
PA161932Collaborators of Nazis in Streets with Red Patch DevilsHollandAfter LiberationCiviliansSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 12Winnipeg Grenadier with black-out notice for June 4, 1942Winnipeg GrenadierBlack-outSecond World War
46825Moyland Castle GermanyGuardsCastleSecond World War
Canadian Army in Canada 13Officer training Canadian Soldiers in a fieldTrainingSoldiersFieldSecond World War
PA206529Two Ram TanksTankBinocularsSecond World War
PA206528Single Ram TankTankTrainingSecond World War
PA171706Mustang Aircraft and Ram Tanks take part in an Air/Tank Cooperation ExcerciseTankAircraftExplosionSecond World War
PA145759Royal Canadian EngineersFloodBailey FerrySecond World War
PA152751Brigadier F.F. Worthington of 22nd Armoured BrigadeSoldierF.F. WorthingtonSecond World War
PA145749Cleve Battlefront Area Aerial ViewHeavily Damaged TownGermanySecond World War
PA197871Worthington Climbing out of a TankWorthingtonTankSecond World War
PA166730RAM tanks landing during courses of exercise 25 Apr. 1943 / Llanelley South WalesRAM tankExercisesSecond World War
1539-51024Canadian ShermanBerlinTroopsTankSecond World War
PA206527RAM TankRam tankfieldSecond World War
PA145754Cleve Battlefront AreaSmokescreenRhine RiverCanadiansSecond World War
PA167944Part of a RAM tankRAM tankClose UpSecond World War
C24717Embarking of First Overseas divisionSoldiersEmbarkingSecond World War
PA145757Cleve Battlefront AreaRefugeesCanadian InfantryGermanySecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 1Officers standing on a tankOfficersTankSecond World War
PA114797Personnele of the 2nd Division, C.A.S.F. aboard troopship en route to Britain Troops on ShipEmbarkingSecond World War
PA142609Two Tanks training Side by Side in BritainTanksTrainingSecond World War
PA162752Tanks Driving Down RoadTanksOn RoadSecond World War
PA152114Sgt. Margaret O. King, Canadian Women's Army Corps, at work on the editing machine in the film library at Merton Park StudiosWomenEditing FilmSecond World War
PA177138Personnel of Le Regiment de Maisonneuve taking part in Excercise SpartanLe Regiment de MaisonneuveTrainingRifleSecond World War
PA145537French Canadian Tank Regiment during Spartan Training Excercise - Troopers Oliver Langelier and Marcel Leonard during camouflage operationsCamouflageTrainingTankSecond World War
PA152484British Columbia Dragoons during inspection by Maj.-Gen. E.W. SansomInspectionB.C. DragoonsSecond World War
PA145539Canadian Tank Regiment, Tank stuck in mud being towed outTankStuck in MudSecond World War
PA154303Spartan Tanks Convoy - 12tth Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Three Rivers) Training ExerciseTanksTrainingThree RiversSecond World War
PA146661Churchill' tanks of the Three Rivers Regiment taking part in Training Exercise 'Spartan'Churchill TanksSpartanSecond World War
PA151133Canadian Training Home 5th Casualty Clearing StationAmbulanceCasualty ClearingSecond World War
PA152095The Smoke of Battle' film in the making, Film crew look on as house set on fireSmoke of Battle'FilmHouse on FireSecond World War
PA158013Tank of 12th Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Three Rivers) taking part in Exercise 'Spartan'12th Canadian Army Tank RegimentSpartanSecond World War
1539-51026Canadian Infantry MenGermanyBattleBren GunnerSecond World War
1539-51030German Civilians Leaving TownAclcarBritish PatrolFirst Canadian ArmySecond World War
PA145744Aerial View of RhineGermanyFarmsSecond World War
PA145676Lt. Louis WoodsObserving German LinesWestern FrontBinocularsSecond World War
PA145731Canadians Watching Sports MeetGermanySoldiersSecond World War
PA204951Canadians in Germany Lt. Grant 3 Division 7CIBReichwald ForestBrigade InspectionSecond World War
45449Soldier GenadeBiting GenadeIn ActionSecond World War
PA145773Pte. R.B Leddy of the Calgary Highlanders RegimentOn GuardRuined HouseGermanySecond World War
PA145730Cameron Patrol Entering HouseSouth Bank of Rhine RiverGermanySecond World War
PA151023Private Marcel St. Laurent of Regiment de MaisonneuveHand GrenadeNetherlandsSecond World War
PA190846Dead Canadians are unloaded from a Jeep at SpeldropAlleywayWoundedCasualtiesSecond World War
PA145737Loading onto Storm Boats to Cross Rhine RiverReesGermanyCoastSecond World War
PA145747Scout Cars entering through Old Tower GateGermanyRubbleRuinsSecond World War
PA137735Civilians Waiting to be Moved Back from the FrontStormont, Dundas and Glengarry HighlandersRhine RiverGermanySecond World War
PA190842Singalman. Bienen and SheldropCasualtiesBombsReecesSecond World War
PA134434Napier of 22nd Cdn Armoured Rgt Writing HomeDug-OutTankCanadian Grenadier GuardsSecond World War
PA184965Rifleman Boehm. of Sask. at Ruins of ZyfflichRegina RiflesGermanyRubbleSecond World War
PA1377367th Infantry Brigade Park alongside bombed BuildingsJeepRegina RiflesGermanySecond World War
PA129756German ParatrooperPOWXantenGermanySecond World War
PA153088Support Company of Le Regiment de MaisonneuveIn LineTrenchForrestSecond World War
PA145674Attack on Western Front Royal Hamilton Light InfantryTrenchHollandSoldiersSecond World War
PA161309German Prisoners Carrying Wounded ManHollandPOWSoldiersSecond World War
PA113678Wreckage of German HalftruckVehicleGermanySecond World War
AP109Signal OfficeForrestCamoflogueCampSecond World War
PA167699Soldiers in Canadian Infantry DivisionCameraRubbleXanten, GermanySecond World War
1538-50983Canadian Soldiers PhotographedCameraRuinsXanten, GermanySecond World War
1539-51010Canadian Army Truck Drives Through Flooded StreetsBritish, Canadian AdvanceGermanySecond World War
1539-51008Canadian Soldiers Escort German PrisonersBombed VillageGermanyAerial ViewSecond World War
1539-51028Canadian Bulldozer Levelling Bomb HolesGerman VillageRuinsSecond World War
1538-50982Canadian Regiment Rounds up PrisonersSecond Canadian DivisonGerman StrongholdXanten, GermanySecond World War
48293Gerard Leclerc KnanenburgRubble
PA145768Attack on Western Front Detecting MinesInfantrymanMaisonneuve ReigmentSecond World War
PA145750Cleve Battlefront Area Convoy of Tanks, heavy VehiclesAerial ViewMain RoadGennep, GermanySecond World War
PA145756Cleve Battlefront Area Devastated CityAerial ViewBombsRuinsSecond World War
The Essex ScottishChristmasUnion JackRelaxingSecond World War
Christmas Day at Horsham, EnglandKiltsAlcoholDrinkingSecond World War
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Scout PlatoonBelgiumGroup PhotoSecond World War
Tommy Childs Paying Tribute to TroopsWestende FightingGraveyardCommemorationSecond World War
Lt. Col. Peter Bennett Speaking to BelgiumsCeremonyMicrophonesCitizensSecond World War
C2Westende Citizens hold ParadeCeremonyMocking GermansV1 Flying BombSecond World War
C3Major of Westende Formal AddressSpeechCitizensSoldiersSecond World War
PA115547Officers and officials observing a 'houseclearing' exercise by Queens own RiflesOfficialsObservationTrainingSecond World War
PA142661Major General Roberts and other officers with 2nd anti-tank regiment, RCA, during gunnery exercisesFieldTrainingTank RegimentSecond World War
PA1773481st Canadian Division at Crovdon Technical InstituteTrainingSoldiersFieldSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 2Shell Explosion on Normandy BeachExplosionBeachheadSoldiers RunningSecond World War
PA142662Men of 2nd anti-tank regiment, RCA, during gunnery exerciseTrainingSoldiersLectureSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 3Officer talking to wounded soldierWoundedOfficerSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 4Woman in Canadian Army Training CampWomanTrainingCampSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 5Woman talking to Officer in FieldWomanOfficerFieldSecond World War
CampTentsSoldiersSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 6Soldiers at attention in fieldSoldiersAttentionFieldSecond World War
Destroyed House and BarnWindmillAbandonedFarmSecond World War
Canadian Army in Britain 7Soldiers training with gurneySoldiersTrainingGurneySecond World War
Canadian Artists 1Invasion Pattern Normandy by Eric AldwinckleArtBombersNormandySecond World War
Open FieldBushSecond World War
15A TownJeepCitizensSecond World War
Canadian Artists 2The Counter Attack, Falaise Pocket, by Orville Norman FisherArtSoldierAttackSecond World War
Canadian Artists 3Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, by Orville Norman FisherArtAttackCitySecond World War
PA138416Camp de Brasschaet BelgiumSniperscamouflageCameron HighlandersSecond World War
Canadian Artists 4Dive Bombing at Carpiquet by Paul Alexander GoransonArtBombingRuined CitySecond World War
Canadian Artists 53 Ath Regt Mid 3" Gun by ColvilleArtTankSecond World War
Canadian Artists 6Carpiquet Airfield, Normandy by Orville Norman FisherArtAirfieldAttackSecond World War
PA131227Road Flooded by German ForcesBelgiumFurnesSecond World War
Canadian Artists 7The Atlantic Wall, by Orville Norman FisherArtAtlantic WallBeachheadSecond World War
PA130261Purchasing GrapesCiviliansSoldiersBelgiumSecond World War
Canadian Artists 8Assault Craft Going in Under Smoke by Orville Norman FisherArtAssault CraftTroop TransportSecond World War
Corporal Hank Sams of the Scout PlatoonFirst Battalion, Royal Hamilton RegimentSecond World War
Canadian Artists 9The Beach at Courseulles-sur-Mer by Thomas Charles WoodArtBeachheadTroop TranspotSecond World War
Canadian Artists 10Mopping Up Operations by Orville Norman FisherArtFox HoleAttackSecond World War
Canadian Artists 11D-Day by Thomas Charles WoodArtShipsBeachheadSecond World War
PA138443Personnel of the Canadian Forestry CorpsBelgiumCampSecond World War
Canadian Artists 12Disembarking Troops by Landing Craft, Normandy Assault, by Thomas Harold BeamentArtLanding CraftDisembarkingSecond World War
Essex-ScottishlaanSignSeptemberSecond World War
Celebration of VE dayCaravanDoug ShaughnesseyGord KennerlySecond World War
Canadian Artists 13Raid on Caen by Paul Alexander GoransonArtPlanesRuined CitySecond World War
Private Doug ShaughnesseyBelgiumSecond World War
Canadian Artists 14Scheldt Crossing by ColvilleArtTankRuined TownSecond World War
Pa116728Flooded Section of Road Near OstendBelgiumJeepSecond World War
Canadian Artists 15Eighty-Eight by ColvilleArtArtillery GunAbandonedSecond World War
PA131225Private Hall talking with gendarmeNieuportBelgiumSecond World War
PA130264Belgium Children on Armoured CarBlankenberqheBeligumBattle of ScheldtSecond World War
Canadian Artists 16Self-Propelled Gun, 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment by Orville Norman FisherArtTankSecond World War
Canadian Artists 17D-Day' - Normandy - The Rhino Ferry by Orville Norman FisherArtD-DayTransport ShipsSecond World War
PA131230Personnel of the Belgium White BrigadeNorth of AntwerpSoldiersWomenSecond World War
Canadian Artists 19Typhoon with 1000 lb Bombs, Normandy, by Aldolphus George BroomfieldArtAirfieldPlaneSecond World War
Canadian Artists 20The Falaise Breakthrough, by Orville Norman FisherArtTanksWreakageSecond World War
Canadian Artists 21Flag Signal on a beachhead, by Orville Norman FisherArtBlimpBeachheadSecond World War
PA1312648th Brigade embarks on Alligators for BridgeheadNeuzenNetherlandsSecond World War
Canadian Artists 22Planes in the airArtPlanesSecond World War
PA131241Flame Throwers Lay Down a Screen of Fire4th Canadian Armoured DivisionBalgerhoekBelgiumSecond World War
PA131226Temporary Bridge Build in Furnes Belgium11th Field CompanyBelgium ForcesCrossing BridgeSecond World War
PA136021Street SurveillanceTop WindowProtectionNieuport BelgiumSecond World War
Canadian Artists 23Troop Transport RescueArtTroop TransportWaterSecond World War
26-27View of StreetCiviliansSecond World War
PA137308Allied Troops are Shown Wrecked German GunTerneuzenThe NetherlandsSecond World War
Canadian Artists 24Men and Women RefugeesArtMen and WomenRefugeesSecond World War
Canadian Artists 25Dead City Caen, France, by Major W.A. OglvieArtCityRuinsSecond World War
PA1371887th Brigade 3rd div Moving Through BackhouteSupportBreskensConvoySecond World War
Canadian Artists 26Tanks SilhouetteArtTanksSecond World War
Canadian Artists 27Vestiges of MulberryArtShipwreckSecond World War
PA131248Queens own Camerons of Cdn Approach Fort de BrasschaatScoutsBelgiumSecond World War
Canadian Artists 28Survivors, Normandy, off le Hovre, by Anthony LawArtSurvivorsSecond World War
PA131229Camouflaged German PillboxBelgiumPaintingArtSecond World War
Canadian Artists 29Beachhead near Arromanches, Normandy by Eric AldwinckleArtBeachheadTankSecond World War
PA131244Essex Scottish Regiment Moving into Antwerp Dock AreaBelgiumFieldSecond World War
Canadian Artists 30Pillar of Cloud by D-Day, by Eric AldwinckleArtCloudPlaneSecond World War
Canadian Artists 31Bathroom and Kitchen, Normandy, by Eric AldwinckleArtTentTreeSecond World War
PA138434Personnel w Sherman Tank of British Columbia RegimentBrasschaetBelgiumSmokingSecond World War
Canadian Artists 32Return from foot partol, Holland, by William Abernethy OgilvieArtSoldiersBoatSecond World War
Canadian Artists 33Assault Landing, by William Abernethy OgilvieArtLandingSoldiersSecond World War
NA26394Gen Gustav Von ZangenTrialTaking OathPost Second World War
Canadian Artists 34Landscape in Normandy. by William Abernethy OgilvieArtGraveTentsSecond World War
PA137198Private Sisson of Stormont Talking with Belgian ChildrenJugsKnockeBelgiumSecond World War
Canadian Artists 35Canadian Tribal Destroyers Leaving on Patrol, Plymouth, by Charles Anthony Francis LawArtShipsPatrolSecond World War
PA205107Canadians in Belgium 3rd Division InvestitureGhent, BelgiumJeepSecond World War
Canadian Artists 36Dutch Resistance Patrol by William Abernethy OgilvieArtDutch ResistanceRuined TownSecond World War
PA165042Elevators Burned out on GroundRubbleSecond World War
Canadian Artists 37Exercise Relax, Gheut Relax, by CorvilleArtTownStreetSecond World War
PA167994Soldier works on Engine of a Jerry TruckDestroyed HarbourBreskensSecond World War
Canadian Artists 383 Ath Regt MID 3" Gun by ColvilleArtTankSecond World War
PA138435Major Cottrill of Queen's Own Rifles with Major DampierTerneuzenNetherlandsMapsSecond World War
Canadian Artists 39Scheldt Crossing by ColvilleArtTankRuined TownSecond World War
Canadian Crossing 40Exercise Relax, Gheut Relax, by ColvilleArttownStreetSecond World War
PA138067Lieutenant-Colonel Crofton Examining Wrecked German 155mm GunCanadian Scottish RegimentBreskensNetherlandsSecond World War
Canadian Crossing 41Dutch Resistance Patrol by OgilvieArtDutch ResistanceRuined TownSecond World War
PA131241Flame Throwers Lay Down a Screen of FireDemonstration4th Canadian Armoured DivisonBalgerhoekSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy & Northwest Europe - 01The Breakthrough near Perrieres Normandy by William Abernethy OgilvieArtTank RegimentSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy & Northwest Europe - 02Burnt Out Marl IV Tank and Dead German Soldier by William Abernethy OgilvieArtTankDead SoldierSecond World War
PA138444Demonstration of the Lifebuoy Flamthrower4th Canadian Armoured DivisionBalgerhoekBelgiumSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy & Northwest Europe - 03Nilmegan Sakcul by ColevilleArtSoldiersTrenchesSecond World War
PA138410Personnel of A Company Riding HorsesHighland Light Infantry of CanadaBelgiumSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy and Northwest Europe - 04Sketch for 'Nilmegen Bridge' by ColvilleArtSketchBridgeSecond World War
PA142114German Prisoners Arriving aboard Alligator VehicleOssenisse BeachNetherlandsSteendorpSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy and Northwest Europe - 05Soldiers MarchingArtMarchingSoldiersSecond World War
PA138437Artillery Shells Landing in BreskensNetherlandsBombed TownRuinsSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy and Northwest Europe - 06Lieut - General Crerar, by Lieut. T.R. MacDonaldArtGeneralPortraitSecond World War
PA142109Shelled Houses and Demolished German EquipmentBreskensNetherlandsRuinsSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy and Northwest Europe - 07Panther Tank Near Sonsbeck, Germany. by ColvilleArtTankSecond World War
PA138438Private Gustilov of the Canadian Scottish RegimentWreckageFishing VesselsNetherlandsSecond World War
War Art & Artists - Normandy and Northwest Europe - 0888 - mm Gun, by Orville Norman FisherArtArtillerySecond World War
PA131249Landing Vehicles in WaterNeuzanNetherlandsSecond World War
PA142087Lieutenant Alex Colville 'War Artist' attatched to the 3rd Canadian DivisionColvillePainting
PA136822Wounded being Unloaded from TerrapinScheldt PocketNetherlandsSecond World War
PA138430Buffalo Amphibious VehiclesEnroute to HoofdplaatNorth Shore RegimentSecond World War
PA136825North Shore Regiment Pass DykesEmbark for BridgeheadSecond World War
PA111924Major Van Nostrand and Captian C.H. Mitchell, Cavalry Field Officers Course, Stanley Barracks, TorontoOfficersMeetingCanadian Military, 1902-1914
PA111891Officers of the Canadian Corps of Guides, Niagra on the Lake Ont 1905OfficersTrainingGuidesCanadian Military, 1902-1914
PA113014Officers if the Canadian Corps of Guides, Cobourg Ont, 1906OfficersTrainingGuidesCanadian Military, 1902-1914
C10106Major General DoyleGeneralUniformPortraitCanadian Military, 1902-1914
E F - 01A Russian Anti-Aircraft gun fixed on a truck and travelling on a trainAnti-Aircraft GunRussianTrainSecond World War
E F - 02Captured German Siege GunSiege GunGermanInspectionSecond World War
E F - 03The Battle of PragueCzech SoldiesWencelaus SquareSecond World War
E F - 04Canadian Tanks Bound for the Russian FrontTanksTrainSecond World War
Fall of France - 01Soldiers of the BEF Digging in on the Beach at DunkerqueDunkerqueSoldiersFightingSecond World War
Fall of France - 02Soldiers on a BeachSoldiersBeachSecond World War
Fall of France - 03French School Children Fleeing BombingsChildrenRefugeeBombingSecond World War
Fall of France - 04Ship Leaving French HarbourShipsDockingSecond World War
Fall of France - 05French Ship in PortShipsPortSecond World War
Fall of France - 06French Citizens on a DockFrenchDockSecond World War
Fall of France - 07The Truce at DunkirkDunkirkSoldiersRuined BuildingSecond World War
Fall of France - 08Refugees from the Town of Milbrugge, Scene of Severe FightingDunkirkRefugeesSecond World War
Fall of France - 09French Prisoners of War Receiving a Refreshment at the French City of ManbeugeFrench POWsDrinksSecond World War
Fall of France - 10General Gamelin, French Commander-in-Chief, Reviews Garrison at Centre of French Defenses on the Front LineInspectionTroopsFrench Front LineSecond World War
PA501269Colonel J.K. LawsonColonelPortraitSecond World War
G - 2Officer PortraitOfficerPortraitSecond World War
PA149987Chiang Kai ShekChinese LeadersAlliesSecond World War
PA116790Personnel of the Winnipeg Grenadiers entraining en route to Hong KongWinnipeg GrenadierTrainMarchingSecond World War
PA142106Canadian 3rd Division Passing Through IjzendijkeJeepNetherlandsLorrySecond World War
PA138430Buffalo Amphibious VehiclesHoofdplaatNorth Shore RegimentSmokescreenSecond World War
BD-2-13Japanese Propaganda leaflets addressed to British soldiers defending Hong-KongPropagandaBritishJapaneseSecond World War
II-11 Prep for Hong KongColonel the Hon. J. L. Ralston minister of National Defense bids Farewell to Major Gen. C. B. PriceDeploymentShaking HandsSecond World War
PA144987Wounded Returning to BreskensFlushing InvasionNetherlandsStretcherSecond World War
PA131254Sgt. Gendron Examine Concealed German Anti-TankDykeBeveland CauswayNetherlandsSecond World War
PA116794Personnel of the Royal Rifles of Canada en route to Hong KongRoyal RiflesTrain StationValcartierSecond World War
PA138420Personnel of Royal Hamilton Light InfantryUniversal CarrierKrabbendijkeNetherlandsSecond World War
PA116793Personnel of the Winnipeg Grenadiers entraining en route to Hong Kong. Winnepeg 25 October 1941Winnipeg GrenadiersTrainLeaving for Hong KongSecond World War
PA116789Loading of Canadian Military Equipment aboard H.M.T. "Awatea"Loading EquipmentShipSuppliesSecond World War
PA137208M-10 self-propelled guns 6th Anti-Tank RegimentKnockeBelgiumLocalsSecond World War
PA142085Pill Box 105cm gun in Breskens PocketCanadian Scotish and North Nova Scotia RegimentsWrecked Beach DefensivesCapturedSecond World War
PA116460Brigadier J.K. LawsonPortraitBrigadierSecond World War
PA37419Troops of 'C' force landing at Hong KongTroopsShipStairsSecond World War
PA116457Officers of the Canadian Brigade aboard S.S. Swansea en Route to Hong KongOfficersS.S. SwanseaSecond World War
PA138444Demonstration of the Lifebuoy FlamethrowerBelgium4th Canadian Armoured DivisionSecond World War
45Monument to Canadians MoerkerkeBelgiumGravesiteFarmPost Second World War
PA114877Remains of Lye Mun Battery, Hong KongLakeBunkerRuinsSecond World War
Saluting VeteransBelgiumPost Second World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 01Scene of one of the fiercest encounters in the battle for Hong KongAriel ViewLabelledSecond World War
The Canadian Museum AdagenBelgiumPost Second World War
Plaque Commemorating the 9th Brigade Landing near HoojdplaatFreedomThanksPost Second World War
PA116288H.M.T. "Awatea" Carrying Canadian troops en route to Hong-KongAwateaShipSecond World War
70Canada Plein Eeklo BelgiumComemmorationStatuePost Second World War
PA138440Gen Foster of 4th Cdn Div invested w US Legion of MeritAntwerpBelgiumMajor General Terry AllenSecond World War
LAC-C-49740Sir Mark Young Governor of Hong Kong, and Brg J.K. LawsonGovernor of Hong-KongMeetingSecond World War
PA188522Lawsons GraveLawsonGraveHong-KongSecond World War
PA138402Raising Regimental Flag of North Nova Scotish Highlanders9th BrigadeGermanyWyler MeerSecond World War
PA37483Company Sergeant-Major J.R. Osborn, "A" Company, Winnipeg Grenadiers, KIA Hong-Kong, Posthumous winner of the Victoria CrossVictoria Cross WinnerWinniped GrenadiersSoldierSecond World War
PA166787Arrival of Gripsholm passengers at Bonaventure station Repatriated Canadians who had been in Japanese internment CampsWomenPrisonersInternment Camp SurvivorsSecond World War
PA131257Gun-Tractor off Flooded RoadBeveland CanalNetherlandsSoldiersSecond World War
PA138401Aerial View of Sunken VesselsHarbourSchoknen-Dveveland IslandFloodSecond World War
PL10084Soldiers Getting on TrainSoldiersTrainSecond World War
PA131263Canavan 21st Armoured Regt. Artillery, Bergen-of-ZoomNetherlandsSoldiersSecond World War
PA116804Silesian Mission near Sau Ki Wan, Hong KongMissionBuildingHillsSecond World War
PA116791Personnel of the Royal Rifles of Canada and mascot en route to Hong KongSoldiersDogSecond World War
PA130270Cpl Sainsbury Pte. Moffat Pte. Gray Buying FlowersMarket PlaceAntwerpBelgiumSecond World War
G-3Winnipeg Grenadiers on route to Hong KongWinnipeg GrenadiersShipUniformSecond World War
4671Aerial ViewSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 02Winnipeg Grenadiers MarchingSoldiersMarchingUniformSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 03Japanese Propaganda leaflets addressed to British soldiers defending Hong-Kong 2PropagangaLeafletteSecond World War
PA205104Canadians in Belgium 3rd Division InvestitureSoldiersJeepSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 04Winnipeg Grenadier saying their goodbyes prior to boarding train during World War 2Boarding TrainSoldiersFarewellSecond World War
PA138408Scout Car of 14th Canadian HussarNorth Beveland IslandNetherlandsHumberSecond World War
PA145987Canadian POW and internees line the rails of ship Australia to wave goodbye as the ship heads for ManilaPOWShipSecond World War
PA131239Firing from Scheldt River on Germans PositionsAntwerpBelgiumSecond World War
PA114813"Prince Robert" alongside jetty during liberation of Hong Kong China ca. 30 August 1945ShipSailorsWavingSecond World War
PA14208412 Winnipeg DragoonsLynx Scout CarPatrolNetherlandsSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 10Winnipeg Grenadier POW displaying a Japanese flag after his release from prisonPOWJapanese FlagSecond World War
Landing Place at Low Tide FlushingRubbletownLiferaftSecond World War
98831Anefo Algemeen Fofo BureauAmsterdamCoastSecond World War
PA166999Personnel of 'C' Company, Royal Rifles of Canada, aboard H.M.C.S. Prince RobertSoldiersShipOceanSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 05Brig, LawsonMeetingLawsonSecond World War
PA114891Canadian troops aboard H.M.C.S. "Prince Robert" en route to Hong KongTroopsH.M.C.S. Prince RobertSecond World War
C49744First Canadian Contingent lands in Hong KongSoldiersMarchingSecond World War
PA166421Chinese junk passing H.M.C.S "Prince Robert" in harbourChinese boatWaterSecond World War
PA126877Soldier with Newfoundland dog mascot of the Royal Rifles of CanadaRoyal RiflesDogMascotSecond World War
0 Roll DCanadian Soldiers Escorting Ladies on JeepJeepWomenSoldiersSecond World War
PA166885H.M. Transport "Awatea" en route to Hong-Kong carrying troops of the Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of CanadaShipWaterSecond World War
39244Bevrijding Middleburg POWsCapturedLine upSecond World War
PA161202Personnel of the Winnipeg Grenadiers and Corps Troops entraining en route to Hong KongOfficersSoldiersTrainSecond World War
Brigade Headquarters FlushingLowland ScotsFloodSecond World War
27521German Escape Ships Wrecked at BreskensAllied Bombing effectsCanadians Inspecting DamageSecond World War
28068View of the Port at Breskens HollandCanadiansRuinsRubbleSecond World War
PA205105Canadians in Belgium 3rd Division InvestitureSmokingCigarettesBelgiumSecond World War
PA138419O'Connor 2nd Provost Company Directing TrafficBeveland CompanyNetherlandsArmoured TrucksSecond World War
28474Destroyed BunkerRubbleSecond World War
28443Station at VlissingenRubbleDestroyed HouseSecond World War
28522Flood in MiddleburgCitizensCarriagesFloodSecond World War
19Monument at VlissingenStatueHonouring SoldiersSecond World War
28469Westkapelle Destroyed TownRubbleWheelbarrowCitizenSecond World War
27494Walcheran Buffaloes in Front of Church at VeereConvoyChurchSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 06Winnipeg Grenadiers-Bison ShidisWinnipeg GrenadiersMarchingParadeSecond World War
PA114821View from H.M.C.S. "Prince Robert" of the boom defense of Honk Kong ChinaBoom defenseWaterChinaSecond World War
PA116792Personnel of the Winnipeg Grenadiers entraining en route to Hong KongTrainTroopsLeavingSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 07400 liberated Canadian officers and men of Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Arriving at Victoria B.C.POWsMarchingSecond World War
PA116795Former Canadian Military barracks at Lye Munn, Hong KongBarracksHong KongHillSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 08Two people say goodbye to Winnipeg Grenadiers departing on a train, during World War IITrainGoodbyesShaking HandsSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 09Grenadiers departing from Hong KongSoldiersShipHong KongSecond World War
PA108247Royal Rifles of Canada Enlistment CentreRecruitmentEnlistmentSecond World War
PMR 93-326-1Grave of Brigadier J.K. Lawson at Sai Wan Military Cemetery Hong-KongGraveHong KongCemeterySecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 11Medical record-ID Card for Winnipeg Grenadier Pte. Joseph Bross who died in Japanese POW campID cardPOWWinnipeg GrenadierSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 13Medical record-ID Card for Winnipeg Grenadier Pte. Arthur Blanchard who died in Japanese POW campID cardPOWWinnipeg GrenadierSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 14Medical record-ID Card for Winnipeg Grenadier Pte. Gerard Dumaine who died in Japanese POW campID cardPOWWinnipeg GrenadierSecond World War
Hong Kong PFB - 12Prisoners of War seen outside a camp building after their release from prison 1945POWJapanCampSecond World War
PA114875Liberated Canadian Prisoners of War taking part in stage productionPOWLiberatedPlaySecond World War
PA166426Unidentified Canadian officer being helped aboard H.M.C.S. Prince RobertSoldierH.M.C.S. Prince RobertOfficerSecond World War
PA116787Arrival of H.M.S. "Glory" carrying Canadian Personnel liberated from Japanese POW campsPOWPortShipsSecond World War
PA116788Arrival of H.M.C.S. "Prince Robert" Carrying Canadian personnel liberated from Japanese POW campsPOWShipPortSecond World War
PA116786Arrival of H.M.S. "Glory" carrying Canadian Personnel liberated from Japanese POW campsPOWShipsHomecomingSecond World War
2.10 Hong KongInjured Soldier in Sick bedHong KongInjuredSecond World War
PA115236Captain Stanley M. Banfill, taken prisoner at Hong Kong in 1941, meets his son for the first time on returning to MontrealHomecomingPOWSonSecond World War
PA114812Group of Canadian and British soldiers liberated by landing party from H.M.C.S. "Prince Robert"POWShip HoldSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 15Prisoners of War seen outside a tent at #5 Replacement depot, near Manila after their release from prisonPOWLiberatedTentSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 16Liberated Canadian soldiers arriving back in Canada after release from Japanese prison campsPOWShipHomecomingSecond World War
PA166579Group of Royal Rifles of Canada confined at Shamshuipo Camp following the fall of Hong KongHong KongPOWCampSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 17Winnipeg Grenadier prisoners of war arriving on board ship in Canada from Hong KongPOWHomecomingSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 18First Winnipeg Grenadier officers returning to Canada after release from Japanese prison campHomecomingPOWSoldiersSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 19Japanese Propaganda leaflets addressed to British soldiers defending Hong Kong during World War IIPropagangaJapaneseSwordSecond World War
D-69Sau Ki Wan where the Tanaka Butai landed the night of 18-19 Dec 41ShipsOverhead ViewCitySecond World War
PA145985Houses bullet scarred along the ridgeHouseRuinsSecond World War
C49746Troops of 'C' force en route to Sham Shui Po BarracksMarchingBuildingSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 20(Blank) Ariel view of shoreline and City in Hong KongAriel viewHillsWaterSecond World War
D-65Coy. HQ Winnipeg Grenadiers during fighting around Wong Nei Chong Gap. Mount Nicholson in backgroundHouseMountainsHeadquartersSecond World War
C49742Troops of 'C' force en route to Sham Shui Po BarracksMarchingTroopsSecond World War
PA116459Brigadier W.J. Home, District Officer Commanding Military District No. 4PortraitOfficerBrigadierSecond World War
J - 535579Japanese Troops Parading in Captured CityTroopsJapaneseSecond World War
PA141659Arrival of repatriated Canadians returning from Japanese internment camp on Gripsholm Swedish's shipNurseWomanSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 21Looking North toward Mount Butler (left) and Mount Parker, Hong KongMountainsFogSecond World War
Hong-Kong PFB - 22Japanese Troops Transported to ChinaShipTransportTroopsSecond World War
C49743Arrival of Canadian Brigade in Hong Kong, 16 November 1941TroopsHong KongSuppliesSecond World War
PA145980Canadian Graves of Royal Rifles Thompson and Adams at Stanley CemeteryGravesCemeteryHong KongSecond World War
PA114819Repulse BayBayHong KongShipSecond World War
PA114811Group of Canadian and British soldiers awaiting liberationPOWHong KongSecond World War

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  1. Kristopher -  March 28, 2016 - 9:22 am 28709

    Hello, curious to know if the digitized photos will be available to view. My Grandpa was the personal driver for lt. Perkins during the Melfa encounter. And I’m always on the hunt for a photo of him that my family doesn’t have.

  2. George Germain -  May 14, 2018 - 12:54 am 34333

    So how do you view the photographs?


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