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Wellington County Military Lecture Series


TERRY COPPPart 1: November 6, 7:00 pm

“The Bridge too Far”


Part 2: November 13, 7:00 pm

“Liberation and Sacrifice: Canadian Soldiers and Dutch Civilians, October 1944”


Presented by Terry Copp, Professer Emeritus (History), Wilfrid Laurier University and Director of the Laurier Centre for Military and Stragegic Disarmament Studies, this year’s lecture series will focus on the time period after the Allied Victory in Nomandy.

After the Allied Victory in Normandy many believed the war would be over quickly.  On 10 September 1944, Field Marshall Montgomery won Eisenhower’s support for “Operation Market Garden”, a plan to use three airborne divisions to seize key river crossings in the Netherlands including what became known as the “Bridge too Far” at Arnhem.  The purpose was to cross the Rhine and attack the Ruhr, Germany’s main industrial zone.  The Canadian Army thus fought its most difficult battle of the war in the southern Netherlands, with limited resources.


Both lectures will be held in the Aboyne Hall, Wellington County Museum and Archives

Admission is by donation.


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