Special Issue on the Battle of Hong Kong

For its fall 2021 issue, Canadian Military History has published a special issue to commemorate the Battle of Hong Kong’s eighteenth anniversary. This issue explores various aspects of the battle, its aftermath and its memory.

A Precious Opportunity

In a chapel at the centre of one of the Allied cemeteries in Normandy I came across a simple inscription:
“Think not only upon their passing. Remember the glory of their spirit.”

The Juno Beach Centre is Hiring its 2022 Guide Team!

The Juno Beach Centre is recruiting its 2022 Guide Team! We have 6 positions to be filled for three periods of employment throughout the year. All contracts allow for a substantial professional experience for students in a very unique historical setting. We’re looking for dynamic, fully bilingual students. Sign up today!

On War & Society podcast: Oh What a Visual War with Beatriz Pichel

The First World War was a literary conflict producing some of the most memorable poems, novels and plays of the twentieth century. While the Second World War left behind a striking visual record, including famous pictures such as Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima and Wait...

Writing the Canadian Official Histories of the Second World War: The Problems with British Historical Liaison

Check out our latest article, “Writing the Canadian Official Histories of the Second World War” by Megan Hamilton, now available as part of the War & Society Web Series.

On War & Society podcast: The American War in Vietnam with Robert Thompson

In 1965, in the coastal province of Phú Yên, US Armed Forces embarked on an effort to pacify one of the least-secured regions of South Vietnam. Often described as the “other war” to win the “Hearts and minds” of the Vietnamese, pacification was, in reality, a...

Help the British Grenadier Bookshop

Canadians who visit Ypres and the salient to learn about Second Ypres, Mont Sorrel, and Passchendaele have long relied on Steve Douglas’ tours and have enjoyed browsing his bookstore, The British Grenadier. COVID 19 ended tourism to Ypres but Steve’s fixed costs, especially rent, have placed his bookshop and tour business in jeopardy. Find out how to donate and show your support.

The Press in Wartime: Lord Kitchener, Press Censorship and the Battle of Mons

“The Press in Wartime: Lord Kitchener, Press Censorship and the Battle of Mons” by Alexander Maavara is now available on the LCMSDS Centre Blog.

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