As we began to prepare the newsletter almost a year and a half ago, we received news that the Security and Defence Forum (SDF) funding, the $125,000 that since 1991 covered our administrative costs, was coming to an end. It was cancelled as of May 2011 and has since been replaced by a project-based pool of funding. Whether our center would survive or not hung in the balance.

A newsletter always carries a tone. Without knowing where we stood or where we were headed, we really had no idea how to compose this update. In spite of the uncertainty, we continued to fulfill our commitment to foster research, education, and discussion of historical and contemporary conflict. Indeed within the four pages of our newsletter you will get a brief glimpse at the range of activities that are nurtured, facilitated and completed by the staff and volunteers at the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies.

The Centre is a vibrant place to visit.  Our strong base of student volunteers continues to grow and the number of active young minds creates an infectious intellectual and creative environment. One of our donors recently said “LCMSDS is one place where the best of education happens…I would go so far as to describe it as an instance of Laurier at its best — a place where students have all sorts of opportunity to engage in serious study and research, and become part of a real academic community.”

Thanks in large part to generous contributions by John Cleghorn, Brad Dunkley and members of our Board of Directors, we will be able continue our mission for the next five years. To continue growing and inspiring others, however, we need your support. Please take a quick look at what we do and how you can help us moving forward.

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