Traffic Jam! – Mechanization and Transport in the First World War

Andrew Iarocci (PhD, Wilfrid Laurier 2005) recently completed a two-year research fellowship at the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, where he also served for one year as Collections Manager, Transportation & Artillery. Dr. Iarocci is the author ofShoestring Soldiers: The 1st Canadian Division at War, 1914-15 (UTP 2008), coeditor of Vimy Ridge: A Canadian Reassessment (WLU Press 2007), and publishes more broadly on the material culture of twentieth-century warfare. He is currently writing Chariots of Mars, a study of mechanization, transport, and logistics in the First World War, under contract with the University of Toronto Press.

Dr. Iarocci has taught widely in Canadian military history, modern warfare, technology, and strategic thought.

Andrew Iarocci’s lecture on, the transportation and supply scheme, that Canadians and British forces follow during the 1st World War, how that changed and evolved? Why that changed, and which variables were effecting it as the war progressed ?

It is not just a technical story but it tell of the management about the war effort, the personalities involved. The roll played in the war effort by Canadians who were mostly civilians in uniform.