Canadian Military History
Call for Reviewers

Canadian Military History (CMH), Canada’s preeminent journal of historical war and conflict studies, is seeking reviewers. CMH is a peer-reviewed academic journal, published semiannually by the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies and distributed through Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Its purpose is to foster research, teaching, and public discussion of historical and contemporary military and strategic issues. CMH’s book review section has expanded rapidly from a monthly feature of the CMH website ( to an essential source for the latest reviews on historical and contemporary works in the field of war and society. We offer the opportunity for established scholars and graduate students to contribute through insightful, academically rigorous reviews of relevant monographs, edited collections, and popular non-fiction related to war and conflict studies in both the Canadian and international context.

To benefit both our contributors and readers, as of 2015 new reviews are published in print as part of CMH’s new mandate to integrate our review section with the wider journal. We accept reviews of any books related to the field of military history, war and society, and contemporary military studies published in the last 3-4 years. Titles can be selected from our “Books Available for Review” list. If you are interested in writing a review for CMH, please contact our Book Review Editor Matthew Wiseman via e-mail at [email protected]. Please also contact Matthew if you would like to review a title not on our list, or should you have any questions about the review process. Clean drafts of reviews should be submitted not more than four months after being commissioned.

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Thank you for your interest in Canadian Military History, and we look forward to working with you.



Matthew Wiseman
Book Review Editor, Canadian Military History (CMH)
Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS)
Wilfrid Laurier University