View the special exhibition now until 9 April 2012 in the Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae Gallery.

Description from the Canadian War Museum’s website here.

“Explore the lives of New Brunswickers during the First and Second World Wars, at sea, on land, in the air and at home. New Brunswickers in Wartime, 1914-1946 is an adaptation of the highly successful exhibition created by the New Brunswick Museum. Through a rich selection of artifacts, images, artwork and interactive components, this exhibition illuminates how wartime profoundly affected not only the communities of New Brunswick, but the rest of Canada as well. An exhibition from the New Brunswick Museum.

Several individual stories in New Brunswickers in Wartime, 1914–1946 focus on New Brunswickers who served in the conflicts and survived. The War Museum did some additional research into the lives of seven individuals to complete the stories originally included in the exhibition. This research has helped to highlight how war has subsequently shaped their lives.”

Read the third story in the series on the Canadian War Museum’s Facebook page which focuses on Sergeant Medric LeBlanc of Rogersville, New Brunswick, who served in 2nd Battalion Headquarters, Third Regiment of the First Special Service Force as a communications technician.