The Friday Roundup is a new weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society.


Official Photographs of the First World War

This website has compiled a diverse and rich collection of predominantly British First World War photos. The albums include photos from various theaters of war as well as from the different services. Certainly a valuable research tool and a great way to gain a visual understanding of the conditions facing the British during the Great War.



The History News Service

The History News Service (HNS) is an informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to bring the perspective of history into current debates over public affairs. The topics largely deal with American history and American issues but are nonetheless interesting and generally well written.  Does Canada have or need a similar resource?


General Interest

 Napoleonic Digital Battlefield Tours

While many Canadians this summer will be visiting War of 1812 battlefields it is important to keep in mind what was preoccupying the British across the Atlantic in Europe. This site offers a digital battlefield tour of Napoleon’s battles, which is quite handy given the French Emperor’s battlefields stretch from the Iberian peninsula to Moscow and touring these sites would carry a hefty price tag. It also raises the notion of promoting similar websites for other wars which would allow historians and the general public to  survey the battlefield online and gain an understanding the geography of where the battles took place.



 Honoring the Exchange of Life for Life

An excellent article from the perspective of American infantryman Alex Horton who served 15 months in Iraq. Horton offers insight into the feeling soldiers have for their fallen comrades and what it has meant to him. There is a simple yet critical question Horton’s article asks; what is the meaning of a soldier’s sacrifice? Beyond Horton’s article, the “At War” blog from the New York post offers a wealth of information from the perspective of soldiers and experts on conflicts that the Americans have been involved in since 9/11 as well as thoughts on remembrance and commemoration of other conflicts such as Vietnam and the World Wars.