To keep in touch with our Dieppe Raid commemorations this week’s round up will be a re-post of last week’s. Be sure to check out all the features and videos that have been posted this week and help us commemorate the Dieppe Raid.

Dieppe Updates

Seventy Years Later, a Hamilton Vet returns to Dieppe

Ninety-two year old veteran Fred Engelbrecht is one of several Dieppe veterans heading to the small French town this weekend to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the raid.



Does your Family have a Connection to Dieppe?

The Globe and Mail is offering a chance for Canadians who had relatives who took part in the raid on Dieppe to contribute to a future 70th anniversary article which is coming out on the 19th of August.



Dieppe’s Victoria Cross Recipients

Victoria Cross recipient biography- Charles Cecil Ingersoll Merritt




Victoria Cross recipient biography- John Weir Foote




Through a Lens: Dieppe in Photographs and Film

The Dieppe Raid has been the topic of hundreds of books and articles with almost every aspect of the failed raid being analyzed and debated. Something that always adds a new perspective and provokes new discussion on topics is looking at battle and historic events through pictures and film. The Library and Archives of Canada provides a great collection of photographs and video of the infamous raid. These photographs provide a better understanding of the landscape and a face to the heavy toll paid. Anyone looking to find out more about the raid on Dieppe should take the time to review the collection.


Breaking German codes real reason for 1942 Dieppe raid: historian

One of the most common historical debates on the Dieppe Raid has been the simple question; what was the raid’s purpose? The sacrifice of Canadian soldiers and British and American commandos now have a new purpose according to historian David O’Keefe. O’Keefe’s 15 years of research reveals that the purpose of the raid was to obtain a German coding machine, something that would greatly assist the Allied war effort against Nazi Germany. No doubt this new research will renew debates about the raid but it looks like Canadians can now gain a further understanding of the purpose and significance behind what has until now been recognized as one of Canada’s most bloody military disasters.

General Interest

Documentary – Apocalypse: The Second World War

Using footage that has rarely been seen Apocalypse: The Second World War attempts to convey the horrors of the war using only 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm film. Originally shown on National Geographic this video is one of the better Second World War documentaries and contains rare footage of some of the war’s most barbaric events. For those looking for an informative and well made documentary, this is one to watch.