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Canadiana is an online databank that is leading the way in digitizing historical documents. The extensive range of sources covers a wide range of Canadian history that does not simply focus on military affairs. The site provides interesting material for all of Canada’s conflicts, in particular recent features on the War of 1812. This site is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to research Canadian history.



Bomb hunters searching Canadian lakes and waterways for unexploded shells 

Typically an issue that is more common in the fields of France and Flanders, Canadian officials are searching for unexploded ordinance in old firing ranges as well as ships that were sunk during the Great War and Second World War.


General Interests

For the U.S. Military, Video Games get serious

There are always a number of questions that historians can ask about military-based video games. Although the article is a little older it serves to ask the right questions about the role of adopting video games for training and recruiting purposes for the United States Armed Forces. Questions about moral ethics in luring youth using video games to serve in the army need to be asked but also questions of more practical applications of video games to assist soldiers in becoming familiar with the battlefield. What role do video games play in today’s military and what is their future?