The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society. This week’s documentary, Soviet Secret Weapons, looks at the experimental plans that the Soviet Union drew up to combat the Western Powers.


KGB Documents

The main soldiers of the Cold War were the various secret agencies of belligerent nations. The KGB was one of the most feared and respected of these agencies. This site offers a number of documents online, mostly in Russian, but some have also been translated into English. Many of these letters and documents were collected from former Soviet republics (Latvia, Estonia…). Certainly worth looking through if you are thinking of researching Cold War spy games.


Canada’s Military First Spending A Surrender to Bad Policy

Is current and planned government spending repeating failed policies of the past? This news commentary argues this is the case. A new report this week suggests that the government plans to use military spending to promote growth in Canadian communities. This method was attempted prior to the 1980s and had mixed results. Is this policy a positive step in the right direction?

General Interests Provided by HWar

How the Ancient Greeks Viewed Weapons

This article is a commentary on the current gun control debate the United States and compares current attitudes of carrying weapons in public with the civilization that forged the idea of a citizen army (the historical precedent to the 2nd Amendment). The article points out that many of the NRA fundamentalists who believe they are following the philosophies of the founding fathers are misguided. Lawmakers, this article argues, may wish to look at the Greeks to find an effective philosophy of gun control in America.

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