The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society. This week’s documentary, The Atomic Bomb Movie, reassesses the history of the creation of atomic weapons and the resulting atomic age. While the film exhibits some clear anti-nuclear bias, it is an interesting documentary that raises new questions about a subject that continues to gain the attention of security analyst (particularly with the recent remarks from North Korea regarding their nuclear program).


McMaster University World War 1 Military Maps and Aerial Photography- France and Belgium 

map_430McMaster University offers an amazing collection of First World War maps and aerial photos. While not every map or photo has been digitized, the online collection should prove useful to any Great War researcher. The site offers helpful interpretation aids for anyone who is unfamiliar reading the maps and photos. Each map does include reference numbers and a detailed description. This resource should not be underestimated.


The Week University (as we know it) Ended

elearningDon Tapscott has been at the forefront of assessing how the internet and digital technologies have and will influence society. In a featured article, Tapscott comments on the emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Particularly Tapscott notes that the current era of how universities operate may be coming to an end as several American schools offer university credits for these online courses at a fraction of the price of a typical university credit. How will universities react to this new form of education? Will they resist or will they, like a number of American schools, adapt?


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Photo: Snipers in the Streets of Paris, 1944

PAR29752This rare photograph depicts the tenuous security situation in recently liberated Paris in 1944. German and French Collaborators fired at Charles de Gaulle and Parisians after the city had officially surrendered. This article also includes links to a video of some of the events as well as a further collection of photographs of the liberation of Paris from LIFE magazine.


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