The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society. This week’s documentary, Fault Lines: The Battle for the Sinai, is a short piece that looks into the history and recent conflict that has plagued the peninsula that separates Israel and Gaza from Egypt. With the recent emergence of a new democratic government in Cairo there are a number of questions about whether or not this somewhat unstable regime can tackle the growing security threat in the Sinai.



Emerging Civil War

With the Oscar nominations being announced and the historical piece, Lincoln receiving 12 nominations, many of you may be interested and wish to learn more about the American Civil War. “Emerging Civil War” is an online community of historians and authors that offers discussion forums, links, and tons of useful information to get any research project started.



Hamilton Planes, Places Play a Role in Air Aces WW2 documentary

History Television viewers may recognize some familiar aircraft and sights in the channel’s new documentary series, Air Aces. The new series uses several of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s aircraft as well as shots from the Ontario countryside and the interior of the museum itself. Created using new footage and the actual aircraft at the museum, the series takes a unique storytelling approach instead of relying exclusively on traditional stock footage.


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The Royal Navy’s Pacific Strike Force

This fascinating article looks at the recovery of British naval power in the Second World War after the devastating defeats suffered against Japan. It examines in detail the various measures that the British took in late 1944 to rebuild and reorganize their pacific naval fleet into one of the most powerful and effective British fleets in history. The article will interest those eager to learn more about the British effort in the South Pacific, which was largely overshadowed by the role of the United States.


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