The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society. This week’s documentary, Africa: War is Business, reveals how war economies in Africa come into existence The film follows Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, son of Princess Irene of the Netherlands, as he travels through Sierra Leone, Liberia and Congo looking for the cause of these wars in Africa and the role the continent’s natural resources play in creating conflict.



Rare War Medal Find Coming Home to Chilliwack


1518377A set of rare war medals has been acquired by the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society. The medals were once awarded to members of the Coote family, but were put up for auction in Norfolk, England. They will be part of an exhibit showcasing the contribution the Coote family has made to Canadian military history.


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Martial Minoans? War as Social Process, Practice, and Event in Bronze Age Crete


cid_1855394One of the age-old myths about the Minoan society, one of Europe’s first complex urban civilizations, is that they were a peace-loving people. New discoveries challenge this belief and suggest that the military was important in Minoan culture. Dr. Barry Malloy’s article goes into great detail about the Minoan’s military culture and provides great insight into war and society during the Bronze Age.


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