The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society.


The Great War Forum

Collaboration and communication found in online forums can be a great help for researchers and any field. The Great War Forum allows researchers to talk with other researchers as well as enthusiast. The exchange of ideas and sources can help enhance any project. The forum covers almost any topic one can think of that would pertain to the Great War and if a subject is missing, then all you need to do is start up your own discussion. For anyone looking to join a large community and collaborate on building stronger research, this forum is a great asset to use.


Canada in Kandahar, some allies weren’t impressed

Brian Stewart reports on recent publications in the United States and United Kingdom that comment on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan. The commentary from Canada’s allies is much more condemning than what is typically espoused by the government, including the opposition. The article raises several questions about the actual capabilities of the Canadian military. It also begs the question of whether or not Canadians would be willing to support the cost enhancing the country’s armed forces so that they are properly prepared for future ground missions.

General Interests

PBS 1812 Documentary

With all the hype the government of Canada has been raising over the War of 1812, this is one of the few documentaries that has been made that provides a very good overview and from nearly every perspective of the war. The other interesting side note is it was produced by PBS, an American television network. The balanced approach to the war allows viewers to get a sense of why the war was fought, the unique nature of the fighting, and the legacies of the war. The site also provides several small “bonus features” which take a look at individual perspectives which are very well done and concise.