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Global (no affiliation to the private security firm) is a source of information on recent and current conflicts. The online forum is well monitored and full of contacts and information for anyone looking to do research on current security issues. Although the main focus of the site is current security affairs the site also offers good summary articles on historic battles and conflicts. This site is definitely worth a visit.


German U-boat may be at bottom of Labrador river

Although it has yet to be officially confirmed, a potential German U-Boat has been found buried in the bed of the Churchill River. Evidence of German activity on the coast of Labrador during the Second World War is well documented but a submarine has never been known to travel this far inland. The German government has stated that if it is a U-Boat then it would remain submerged as it is German naval custom. Regardless this find will raise a  new questions on the extent of German operations on Labrador’s coast.

General Interests

Military Tourism: MiGs, Tanks, and Bugs…Oh My!

Many Canadians, including a number of our Centre members, have been on traditional battlefield tours but there are a number of companies in Asian and East-European countries that offer a more hands-on style of Military Tourism. Over the past decade dozens of legal tourist operations have emerged where tourists have the opportunity to take a ride in historic tanks, planes, and even fire old Soviet weapons. These ‘soldier for a day’ activities not only allow patrons to fire off a few rounds but also teach survival techniques that are unique to the location. Definitely something to check out for those looking for a more action-packed vacation.