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Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform

For anyone who is interested on the current debates and discussions on security reform this site will be a valuable asset to your research. With a very large database of articles which are submitted by authors from around the world the GFN-SSR facilitates the sharing of articles and ideas that deal with issues facing security sector reform today. This website even offers a guide for those who are new to the security reform sector. I would encourage everyone to take some time to scroll through the diverse range of articles and see where the discussion over security reform is headed.


Summer retreat for veterans leaves lasting impression on guests and staff

Canadian veterans, most serving in the Second World War, recently returned home after an enjoyable and relaxing time at a summer retreat. The 17 year old program is operated by Toronto’s Sunnybrook Veterans Centre and funded by the Royal Canadian Legion helps veterans escape from the day to day routine and enjoy a summer retreat with other veterans.

General Interests

Canadian Airshows Summer 2012

Looking to take the family to something fun and exciting this summer? Fascinated by military aircraft and love the sights and sounds of planes flying overhead? This site provides a condensed calander for a number of airshows which are taking place across the country this summer. Most also include link to the airshow’s individual website. It also provides updates on the airshows, in particular updates about cancellations for anyone who was already planning to attend a show. The summer is already heating up so why not enjoy a day watching modern aircraft or classic military planes with friends and family?