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Blue helmets cast aside, Canada keeps the peace no more

The changing role of Canada’s armed forces in the 21st century has run contrary to the traditional idea that Canadians are a peacekeeping nation. There are a number of arguments being made of whether or not peacekeeping is still an appropriate response for the international community. Paul Koring gives his thoughts to this issue, reminding readers that the vast majority of the Canadian public still wish to retain the peacekeeping image. Does Canada need to return to its role as a global leader in peacekeeping or has that time come and gone with the emergence of more combat missions such as Afghanistan and Libya?

General Interests

The Importance of Studying Military History

This week the round-up is introducing its first of many featured videos. Gary Gallagher speaks at the Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission’s 2012 Signature Conference at Virginia Military Institute, “Leadership and Generalship in the Civil War.” Gallagher discusses the importance of studying Civil War military history.



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