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Library and Archives Canada First World War Attestation Papers and Service Files

  Being able to find the detailed information on individual soldiers can add a great deal of personality and depth to a paper. The Library and Archives of Canada has thousands of files on servicemen who fought in the First World War. It is not only a good tool for researchers and academics but it is also helpful for family members looking to discover information about their relatives who participated in the war.


Queen Unveils Second World War Bomber Command Memorial

This past week her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd commemorated the service and sacrifice of the men who served and flew with the British Bomber Command during the Second World War as she took part in the unveiling of the new Bomber Command Memorial. Commemoration of Bomber command has always been a controversial topic given the toll bombing missions took on German civilians but these concerns were addressed as a plaque remembering all those lost in bombing raids is included at the memorial site. Canadian and other Commonwealth air service veterans were also invited to the ceremony in London.

General interests

The First World War Documentary Series 

This documentary series gives a very broad coverage of the First World War and does not delve into deep academic discussions. The highlight of the series is the incredible video footage that has been compiled. While many of us have seen footage from the Western Front, the series also covers the colonial, Middle Eastern, and Eastern, and Italian Fronts as well.  So sit back and enjoy the footage one of the first wars ever extensively filmed.


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