The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society.


Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization

The Centre for Research on Globalization is a non-for-profit think tank based out of Montreal and offers an extensive range of news articles, blogs, background research, and commentary on dozens of topics affecting the world today, in particular global security issues. The overall balanced approach gives readers the opportunity to find out about issues facing the world today from a more independent point of view. If you’re looking for a solid alternative media site for a project dealing with current issues, than it worth your time to check out this site.



American Town Marks Dark Episode from War of 1812

Most news articles dealing with the War of 1812 have dealt with the Canadian efforts to promote the “heroic” defense of Canada. A new memorial is being raised in Lewiston New York commemorating the burning of the town by British, Canadian, and Aboriginal allied forces and the efforts of local American Natives to evacuate the citizens of the town to safety. The memorial raises discussion about war and memory of 1812 on the American side which is seldom covered by the Canadian government and media, which has since been focused on promoting the glorious images of a heroic defense rather than the brutal realities of war.


General Interest

 National Film Board of Canada: Wasp Wings

The documentary Wasp Wings was made in 1945 by the Royal Canadian Air Corps is a fun little piece of work. Many readers may remember something similar to this in their history classes back in high school. For those looking for a nostalgic look at the role the Spitfire played during the Second World War with a brass bland playing the background should take an hour and watch this. On top of the simple nostalgia of watching the old black and white documentaries, the content is still pretty accurate and despite being made by the Canadian government, is not as patriotic as some may think. On a rainy day nothing beats a classic so be sure to check it out.