The Friday Roundup is a weekly feature that offers a look at news, archive, and worthwhile links around the web on the study of War and Society.


Australia’s War 1939-1945

This is the official site covering the contributions the Australian military made over the course of the Second World War.  The Australian government has done a great job compiling information, artwork, documents, and featured articles. The outline of the site is impressive and easy to navigate. Keeping in mind that it is a government site and perhaps has the typical national bias that often accompanies such sites, the content is very good and provides information on both Australian. This site is definitely worth looking at if you are interested on our common-wealth cousin’s and their participation in the Second World War.



Canada’s War Museum Immortalizes a Portrait of a modern Prosthetic Leg

A new portrait has been acquired by the Canadian War Museum and will contribute to new exhibits recognizing Canada’s war in Afghanistan. The painting of a prosthetic leg, painted by artist Bruce Stewart, draws to the attention the pain and injuries many Canadian soldiers have suffered at the hands of IEDs while patrolling and fighting in Afghanistan. While there is no date on when the portrait will be put on display, it is sure to be a highlight for the future Afghanistan exhibit.


General Interests

The Mystery of Stephen Harper’s Anglophilia 

Like Canadian History? You must be Racist.

Canadian history can be a tricky and very often a political entity. These two articles highlight the ongoing debate of what should the focus of Canadian history be, given Canada’s incredibly diverse cultural heritage. Is focussing on our British ties, as the Harper Government has been doing in recent years, discriminatory to other cultures? Or is it just stating a fact that Canada has historically been closely linked with the United Kingdom and the British Crown? These newspaper columns demonstrate how these questions are still being debated today and will most likely continue to be debated on in the future.



Lieutenant General Guy Simonds

This week at the Centre there has been a focus on Operation Totalize which took place in the late summer of 1944. The brains behind the operation was the General Officer Commanding the 2nd Canadian Corps. This short biography highlights the life and career of Guy Simonds.



Free E-book of the Week

 Great Commanders 

 A new feature for the weekly round-up is the offering of free e-books. The rising popularity of tablets and e-readers has led to hundreds of books being digitized and placed online. This week’s book is Great Commanders edited by Christopher Gabel P.H.D. and James Willbanks P.H.D. and is published by the Combat Studies Institute Press at the US Army Combined Arms Center. The study looks at various “Great” commanders throughout history who were able to master the battlefield and effectively command their respective forces. It is an interesting read and even better, it’s Free!