LCMSDS Faculty Receives SSHRC Insight Award for $350,000!

Congratulations to LCMSDS faculty members Mark Humphries, Cynthia Comacchio and Terry Copp who were recently awarded a $350,000 Insight Award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The award will fund research into  203,000 Canadian First World War pension files from the Department of Veteran Affairs, which were recently digitized by the LCMSDS.

Please join us in congratulating Mark, Cindy and Terry for this prestigious award, which will contribute to an important and unexplored aspect of Canadian history!

For more information on these files, former LCMSDS postdoctoral candidate Dr. Michelle Filice, has written a helpful introductory article. Dr. Kandace Bogart of the LCMSDS has also shared some of her research into these files.