The On War & Society podcast features interviews with the most prominent historians of war and society. Host Kyle Falcon sits down with his guests to discuss their cutting-edge research, the challenges associated with doing history, and life ‘behind the book.’

On War & Society E34: The Medic’s Tale with Ted Barris

At the age of 13, Ted Barris asked his father a common question: “Dad what did you do in the war?” This began a fifty-seven-year investigation into his father’s war experiences as a sergeant medic in the US Army during its bloodiest campaign during the liberation of Europe. The book that grew out of this question: Rush To Danger: Medics in the Line of Fire shares stories of combat medics from the American Civil War to more recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I sat down with Ted to discuss his book and the one burning question that he never had a chance to ask his father: what motivates medics to rush into danger?

Ted Barris is a journalist and award-winning author of 18 books. He lives in Oxbow, Ontario.

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