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Canada Declares War on Italy, June 1940 CBC Radio Clip

Guy Simonds on the characteristics of the Canadian regiments in Italy CBC Video Clip

On Leave in Rome CBC Video Clip

Peter Stursberg recalls “Lili Marlene” (the tune of the D-day Dodgers was sung to this) CBC Radio Clip

The Forgotten Army: The Canadians in Italy Dec 1944 CBC Radio Clip 

“Smokey’s” Victoria Cross CBC Radio Clip

Ernest “Smokey” Smith returns to Italy CBC Video Clip

Testaments of Honour

Padre Wilmot recalls the Gothic Line  – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5


The D-Day Dodgers of Canada

Web links

Canada At War – The Gothic Line

Canada At War – Lamone Crossing

Gothic Line – Linea Gotica

Veterans Affairs Canada Remembers (1999)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemeteries and Monuments in Italy (audio & .pdf files)

Allied Official History Online

New Zealand Official History

The Tiger Triumphs – The Indian Divisions in Italy (the little green dots beside the chapter headings lead to the history of each battle)

Hotels in Urbino (Gothic Line Battles)

Hotel Raffaello ***

Albergo Italia ***

Hotel Bonconte ****

Albergo San Domenico ****

Hotels in Ravenna

Hotel Mosaico ****

Hotel Ravenna ***

Hotel Diana ***

Hotel Centrale Byron ***

Best Western Hotel Bisanzio **