This Installment of the Teacher’s Aid focuses on Aboriginals, Anne Frank, and a unique window into the First World War.

A Commemorative History of Aboriginal People in Canadian Military

by P. Whitney Lackenbauer, John Moses, Scott Sheffield, and Maxime Gohier

The Director of History and Heritage is mandated to preserve and communicate Canada’s military history. This commemorative publication is not only wonderfully presented but extremely accessible. There is something for the expert scholar and the middle school student. The book features a number of primary documents that allow readers to begin to understand the historical process – an invaluable resource for teachers across the country. A Commemorative History of Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military is but one of an impressive list of freely available publications at DHH.

A Virtual Tour of Anne Frank’s House

This excellent virtual tour will be a hit with classes that engage with the Diary of Anne Frank. The graphics are excellent and students, virtually all of whom have some background with gaming or iPods, will certainly enjoy the exploration. The teachers guide covers the range of ages from elementary to high school. There are a number of suggested assignments, including writing exercises, and the entire education section of the museum is worth visiting.

Front Lines (2008) by Claude Guilmain

A tribute to the combatants in the First World War, this film (34 minutes, 2008) traces the conflict through the war diary and private letters of five Canadian soldiers and a nurse. Hearing them, the listener detects between the lines an unspoken horror censored by war and propriety. The film mingles war footage, historical photos and readings of excerpts from the diary and letters. The directorial talent of Claude Guilmain breathes life into these 90-year-old documents and accompanying archival images so that we experience the human face and heart of the conflict.

For the educational sector, five documentary vignettes have been drawn from the film: Nurses at the Front, The Officer’s Role, The Life of the Soldier, and Faith and Hope and The Trenches, each with further information on its particular subject.