Churchill famously said “For every man who died at Dieppe, 10 more must have been spared in Normandy in 1944” and that it “was a Canadian contribution of the greatest significance to final victory.” For others, the “lessons learned” explanation is little more than an attempt to rationalize. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle but whatever side of the argument you fall on, Dieppe was a costly raid and still conjures strong emotions from Canadians.  The Allies suffered more than 4000 casualties, including more than 3300 Canadians

The web is full of videos that are worth checking out. David O’Keefe’s new take on Dieppe is adding to the debate:

see the MacLean’s special here

The German footage from the war is fascinating to revisit:



And finally, the controversial Bell commercial.  When it was first released it was used to promote the sale of Bell cell phones.  Bell was widely criticized for using the Dieppe raid to promote its cell phone business.  Later, they re-released the commercial (without the overt sales pitch) and played it around Remembrance Day to honour veterans.  The commercial received greater accolades for this purpose.