Although tensions have always been high in the Korean peninsula, the relationship between the North and the South has now escalated to even higher degrees of uncertainty and apprehension. The following video, approaching the situation from an American perspective, looks at the current situation, and North Korea’s threats to launch preemptive nuclear strikes against both South Korea and the United States of America. Last week, North Korea declared null and void the armistice that officially ended the Korean War in July 1953.

Does this mean a new war may soon be fought between the two countries?

For a Canadian perspective on the issue, read Thomas Walkom’s article in The Toronto Star, where he explains the role of the United Nations, and the current need to sign a real peace treaty with Pyongyang. 

In The Globe and Mail, Australia’s former foreign minister Gareth Evans suggests that, despite the “unpleasant” nature of North Korea, all countries must remain calm and rational in order to prevent the situation from worsening.