Despite the many terms and classifications – Shell Shock, Combat Fatigue, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, for instance – that have emerged especially within the last century, the psychological effects of war and combat remain a constant. Although those who have never seen battle can try to understand, the stress, exhaustion, and trauma involved in warfare are unfathomable for most people. This week’s videos, however, help provide a window into the reality of battle exhaustion and combat stress.

The first video focuses on the First World War, when the psychological traumas experienced by soldiers were commonly referred to as ‘Shell Shock’. A nurse recounts her own interactions with soldiers affected by Shell Shock, and the terrible experiences soldiers shared with her.

The second video, from CNN, looks at Iraq War generals who sought help and overcame their obstacles, but are still psychologically affected by war.

The final video features soldiers explaining how, despite their return to civilian life, experiences of warfare, combat, and death still impact even the most minor aspects of their daily lives.