The most recent report from Canada’s Auditor General Michael Ferguson confirms the lack of benefits, services, and financial support for Canadian Forces members released for medical reasons. Confusing paperwork, bureaucratic delays and inconsistent standards throughout personnel support centres are just a few of the difficulties Canadian veterans of current conflicts are facing.  Due to poor record-keeping, for instance, the Canadian Forces has lost track of how many ill and injured soldiers are on the military payroll, creating difficulties in the prediction of future needs for services.

In the following clip from an interview with Global News earlier this year, Major Mark Campbell, who in 2008 lost both legs by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, describes the lack of security and inadequate treatment for veterans under the New Veterans Charter.

For more information on the findings of the Auditor General’s report issued earlier this week, explore the links below.


Ill and injured soldiers face roadblocks moving to civilian life, auditor says, Toronto Star, 23 October 2012

Auditor general raises concerns about health hazards at military bases including CFB Edmonton, Calgary Herald, 24 October 2012

To read the full report on the Transition of Ill and Injured Military Personnel to Civilian Life, click here.