Congress 2012 has descended on Waterloo… More than 7000 Social Sciences and Humanities scholars are currently giving talks all over Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. One of the highlights is the Big Thinker Series the organizers have very effectively put together.  Sidonie Smith, highly respected scholar from the University of Michigan, with her Enlightened talk on the

A Few Key Points:

  • Instead of asking – What have you published lately?  We should be asking – How have you been communicating your work?
  • We should be acting regionally and thinking Globally.
  • Focus on the end product takes away from the process of the humanities.
  • Open Access Venues offer an unparalleled opportunity – a plea to stop hiding the work behind gates – too high a cost!
  • Become familiar with creative commons licences.
  • Connectivity of people and the connectivity of devices are no longer
To the Future
  1. Forge a new praxis of scholarly communication
  2. Construct a flexible scholarly ecology addressing multiple publics
  3. Change our relationship to our work (not take it an ownership model but move to an open forum in the humanities)
  4. Change Doctoral Requirement (A new dissertation model…we’re over invested in the monfrotto monograph that does a disservice to the skills required of the 21st Century academic – we need to redefine it as a project with collaboration) – (they need to graduate as skilled teachers and be excited to teach as oppose to scholars who see teaching as an interruption) (Faculty needs to be able to write in different modes and for different audience – we need lively language for non specialties)
  5. A New Narrative about the Humanities in Action

Additional Links…

Official Congress 2012 Website dedicated to Sidonie Smith’s talk: Have you Been Communicating Lately?

An absolutely Brilliant (and brief) piece – Strangers on a Train – by Cathy Davidson from HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) on the state of the Humanities and where we should go.

Scholarly Communication Institute 8 – Emerging Merging Genres in Scholarly Communication by Abby Smith Rumsey

Coursera – Online Free Education for anyone who wants it – supported by Princeton, Standford, University of Michigan, and Penn State.

The Best of Dan Cohen’s Blog is worth browsing to think about the future of the humanities and history as a profession.

–  “The Largest Hidden cost is the invisibility of what you publish.”

Open Humanities Press – Full .PDF downloadable books run by the University of Michigan Press.