When reflecting upon World War II and the regions where most conflicts occurred, Canada and its surrounding waters can easily be dismissed or forgotten altogether.  From 1942 to 1944, however, over a dozen German submarines were active in the St. Lawrence gulf and river, bringing the war even closer to home for many Canadians.

The first three minutes of the following clip offer a brief overview of German U-boat activity within the St. Lawrence.

The second clip, a 1942 German newsreel with English subtitles, highlights German U-boats in the St. Lawrence, and the lives of those who operated on the submarines.

Finally, Canadian newsreel footage from the Nova Scotia Archives shows German U-boats surrendering to Canadian and American forces in the Atlantic.

The impact of German U-boats in Canadian waters is visible even today.  Earlier this summer, a suspected German submarine was located 100km from the ocean at the bottom of Churchill River in Newfoundland.

As part of our Fall Speaker Series, next Wednesday 19 September, Dr. Roger Sarty will be discussing the conflict in the St. Lawrence and the emerging perspectives of the battle’s legacy.

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