“Of all the national assets, Archives are the most precious: They are the gift of one generation to another and the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our civilization.
-Arthur G. Doughty, Dominion Archivist, 1904-1935

The following video, released earlier this year by Library and Archives Canada (LAC), emphasizes the importance and maintenance of our national records, and their contributions to understandings of our past, present and future. With over 20 million books, periodicals, newspapers, microfilms, literary texts and government publications, LAC and its continued accessibility to the public play a vital role in the awareness of our heritage and study of our past. Archives are valuable not only to historians and students of history, but to each and every Canadian.

Recent cuts by the federal government, however, are threatening some of our greatest national assets.

Cuts of varying degrees will be made to LAC’s budget, its staff, and its collection programs. The National Archival Development Program, which provides financial assistance to Canadian archives and related organizations, will be eliminated. Yet cuts to government archives go further, threatening libraries at the transport, immigration and public works departments.

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