The student volunteers at the LCMSDS are pleased to announce the formation of a new university club, the Conflict Studies Association (WLU). As a club of student volunteers, we are actively engaged with the study of historical and contemporary conflict, especially the dimensions of war and its effects on society.

Our Purpose:
1. To bridge a gap between university students and the educational facilities of the LCMSDS
2. To promote active and intimate engagement of like-minded students in historical and contemporary conflict studies
3. To offer unique and highly beneficial educational opportunities which enhance the value of undergraduate degrees concerned with conflict studies

Our Vision:
1. To be the most prominent and effective student organization which connects all students in the social sciences to the academic and social benefits of the LCMSDS

Executive Team:

President – Jo Boeringa

Vice-President – Nathan Bartlam

Contact us at: [email protected]

Good luck, and we’ll be happy to meet with you shortly!

CSA Team